ADvertisements OF 1950's BOMBAY

ADvertisements OF 1950's BOMBAY

Panama Cigarettes advertisement from 1945

Paillard. Tomatic Record Changer. Operated 110 or 280 Volts AC, 40-60 cycles or Universal.
 Plays 10 records automatically. "Swiss Made" Thougout.

Paillard. Swiss Made. It stands at the top of all.
Available for AC, AC/DC and for AC/Battery (6 volt car battery)
with Magic eye and entracingly beautiful wooden cabinet.

RAP 1939 ModelsEstablish New Records in Performance.RAP. Care-Free British Radio

Hear the Latest "Younf India" Records.
The National Gramophone Record Manufacturing Co. LTD.

HMV "High Q" Radios. 1940.

HMV 7-Valve "World Tourer" superhet Autoradiogram with fluid light tuning indicator.

"His Master's Voice" New 'New Q' British Radio. Price Rs. 285/-

Keep in touch with the world-with "His Mater's voice" British made World Tourer Radio. 1940

Lansing Shearer Horn Sound System. 1940.

A wartime ad  Philips Amplifiers and Loudspeakers. 1941

12  for Rs. Six.
REX Record Depot. 1939.

HMV Model 6212A, 6-Valve A.C. Spread Band Receiver.
Full Spread band Tuning on the 13, 16, 19, 25 and 31 Metre Bands.
Rs. 495/-

Bauer "Hi-Lo-Phonic" Cellular Speakers for high class theaters. 1939

Ad for film  music recorded on Columbia Records. 1945.

HMV Auto-Radiogramophones Models 690 AC/DC and 692 A.C.

HMV gramophones Ad year 1940

My Goodness!
My Kraisler