Surat Diamond Merchant Funds Mass Wedding Of 250 Girls Who Couldn't Afford Ceremony Expenses

More than 250 couple got married on  Surat as a part of the mass wedding hosted by a diamond merchant. The mass wedding featured 250 couples included 5 Muslim couples, a Christian couple and two women who are HIV positive.
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Mahesh Savani is the man who facilitated the programme as he believes that giving away brides is a blessing from God. Savani has been funding and organising wedding since 201.
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During the wedding, Savani himself plays the parent and does Kanyadaan- the practice of giving away one's daughter.
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Hundreds of brides with colourful ethnic attire and ornaments performed their wedding rituals in front of hundreds of guests in the city Surat, which is also a hub for diamond polishing.
Wedding Suratte
On previous occasions, Savani had given gifts of gold and items such as sofas, beds etc worth Rs 500,000 to each bride to help them start married life.