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Chamber B is one of the six underground cellars of the temple. The royal family had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court asking for the chamber to not be opened
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1945  kadakampalli  village was an  unknown place.whether it existed or not i don't know

Kadakampally Village Office 
Government office in Thiruvananthapuram, India
Address: Pettah - Venpalavattom Rd, Venpalavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695029

Welcome to Trivandrum District: Kadakampally
Dec 17, 2010 - Kadakampally is a small village at the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. It lies around 2 km from Veli and 6 km from Thampanoor.
It lies around 2 km from Veli and 6 km from Thampanoor. Shanghumughom Beach, Veli Tourist Village, Veli Lake, Karikkakom Shri Chamundi Temple, Beema Palli, Veli Church, Veli Mosque and Veli Beach are the nearby places of interest.

History as i saw in 1950 shanmugam beach :-it was a very desolate and isolated place with no buildings except the small palace and fish museum .people were not ready to stay in such isolated area because of scare of" kadal kollakkar" means foreign raiders who came to loot in boats(British were also of the same category).from the beach upto pettah boat yard was desolate with no human habitation.the aerodrome was open at both ends as there was just one flight at 12 noon to madras(chennai)no human habitation between aerodrome and the "kadal palam" which acted as harbour for small ships one or twice a year .no human habitation between beach north wards to veli .in fact it was just sand dunes ,un ending sand dunes ,just touching the beach there were a few mukkuvar=fisher men staying in abject poverty in small ola=leaf huts.
i wonder kadampalli existed that time ?may be .may not be

those days maharaja was addressed as "anna dadavaya ponnu thirumeni"means the great raja who provides for the daily food

but that was the time of the height of maharaja's power
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ordinary people were not allowed near kowdiyar palace including ministers and dewans

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The Travancore Maharaja's State Carriage in Trivandrum

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royal procession used to make its way to a Siva temple in Sasthamangalam

Sasthamangalam Ezhunnalathu, a regal procession to Sasthamangalam, culminated at the ancient Sasthamangalam Mahadeva temple, where the sovereigns offered prayers and rested in the ‘palace’, a double-storied structure located near the western gateway of the temple. According to popular history, it was customary of the Travancore rulers to visit Sasthamangalathu Madhom’, the abode of Koopakkara Pottis, and the Siva temple soon after the Tirunal (royal birthday) celebrations. Even though the origin of this practice remains unknown to this day, some historians are of the opinion that the practice could be dated to the eighteenth century, to the turbulent days of Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma.
 V Narasimhan Thampi presents a vivid portrayal of the procession to Sasthamangalam: “… the Maharaja rides to Sasthamangalam in his golden chariot, drawn by six white horses and behind him follow a train of horse drawn carriages of the royals and the various officials. The Elayarajas, Koil Thampurans, and the Chief Justice can be seen riding in carriages drawn by two horses, whereas the other officers ride in simple carriages. The state procession starts from the Fort at four in the evening and proceeds to Sasthamangalam via Pazhavangadi, Puttenchandai, Palayam, and Vazhuthacaud. At Sasthamangalam, the King worships at the temple and visits the Potti at his residence and returns to the Fort by six O’clock.
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Trivandrum city  people including people from  known villages  like nedumangad  and unknown like kadakampalli or non existing villages; on the road side waiting for the maharaja;with white mundu down to feet (lungi was unknown then  );turban cloth tied around waist to show respect;ready to bow down upto waist level with right hand covering mouth to show respect with left hand held  behind 

police stick =lathi could fall fast and hard for people who were not ready

things moved from raja rule to democracy though CPI  instigated revolution in Telengana region under nizam(maharaja of Hyderabad);thinking of a communist regime as it happened in china in 1948 ;but failed;derecognised and later re recognised by Nehru 
similarly the present  central ruling party though never had any known  history of taking part in freedom struggle;managed to wiggle out from derecognition in 1948 due to .... ;waited for post emergency coalition of janatha dal parties to get into central government 1977 ;and now .... in full control of a dream they had  from 1947.
things can move fast as in westbengal were communist party after 37 years of rule was demolished
what can happen when one party gets=appoints  all the gover nors of all the states by forcing out the previous gover nors;,followed by getting the president of India from same party; followed by all if not most states in hand by various means as in Manipur,Goa and north east; ..just just .hope for the best .possibility of worst scenarios are always in history ,but India was saved from both first and second world war . something good may  happen though there are  any number of reasons in the history to feel the worst may  come

i feel  the present ruling government of kerala should not get involved in temple matters .if they get involved it may used by other parties to instigate revolt