kerala bridges were made of wood

The old pier made of wood at Valiathura -Trivandrum=Thiru ananda puram

Valiathura Port NOW

Valiathura Port

WOOD Bridge-Old Chendamangalam North Paravur

The most important new buildings and bridges were constructed in reinforced concrete, a process which was first adopted in Travancore in. 1075. M.E. (1900) and in which the State P. W. D. has attained high efficiency

once all Travancore and kerala bridges were made of wood

Kerala PWD - History of the Department
Extracts from the Travancore State Manual, by Sadasyatilaka Sri. ... The fine suspension bridge across the Kallada river at Punalur, the construction of ... The first cement concrete road in the State was experimented in 1108 M. E. the portion of ...

kerala's wooden bridges [photos showing some wooden bridges similar to old kerala bridges]

kerala had many wooden bridges .but now alas all of it is destroyed except for a few minor ones over canals

the long and big wooden bridges over rivers are gone

the long wooden bridge over the at neendakara is not there after concrete bridge was made
wooden bridge similar to the old neendakara
bridge over the sea

b,1896-RIVER AT FAROOK and wooden bridge  photo

punalur raiiway/road bridge
can see an open sided bus infront of the bridge with Travancore passengers going to Madras state(now tamil nadu state)


Palai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Motor vehicles appeared in Pala in the early 1900s. The first bus service was started in 1908 by a public company by name Meenachil Motor Association which ...Etymology - ‎History - ‎Geography and climate - ‎Religious place

Hallford BUS
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Crossing an old wooden bridge

North Paravur
Chendamangalam Bridge
Pic Courtesy: Nihal Hàrís

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    The fairy tale of Tramway is that it was set up in 1905 under the visionary of Maharaja of Cochin to transport Cochin teak from Parambikulam to Chalakkudy and ...

Rail trail in the forest

Trekking for two days through the marvel of Indian railway history, the tramway in Parambikulam, in the midst of deep forest.

 The forest stretched long, filled with greenery. We continued our journey through the wild path defying the cascading rivers and deep rain forest. It would be unbelievable for one to know that once there existed a tramway. Yes the narrow gauge rail, through the dense forest, above the gushing rivers. Though the railings have disappeared, the path, which was constructed for tramway, still exists there.

The fairy tale of Tramway is that it was set up in 1905 under the..............