B&W. 16:13min. Travancore, (Kerala), India. 1935. Unidentified filmmaker. Maharaja of Travancore, H.H. Balarama Varma II welcomed by Mr. & Mrs. J.S.B. Wallace at the Nullantanni all-electric tea factory. Address of welcome by Mr Wallace, the general manager of the Kanan Devan Hills Produce Company. Garden party in honour of the royal guests. Tennis match. Horse racing at the High Range Club and awards ceremonies for the Leckie Cup, Pinches Cup and H.H 's Cup. The opening of the Neriamangalam Bridge over the Periyar river attended by the Maharaja of Travancore and many High Range residents (spring 1935). Mr. Truscott, the chief engineer, reads his address of welcome. Scenes of Mr. C. Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Truscott, Mr. Newman Saunders and of a group of British tea planters. The Maharaja of Travancore officially opens the bridge. (film with captions).
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Principal collections of photographs
This is a summary list of the principal collections of photographic material in the Cambridge South Asian Archive including prints, negatives, slides and glass plates. Much of the material illustrates private papers and memoirs held in the Archive which also contains books, drawings, cine film and tape-recordings. Detailed handlists of the photographic holdings may be consulted at the Centre. While the bulk of the holdings are the work of amateur photographers, the Archive also contains items produced by professionals and government departments. Further information on the Archive and details of photographic charges may be obtained from the Centre of South Asian Studies, Laundress Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SD, England. Materials in the Archive may be consulted by appointment only. The volume numbers at the end of each entry refer to the relevant volume of Cambridge South Asian Archive in which complete details are given. A searchable database of all the photographs in the collection is also available, although data is still being added to this site.

India General. 1906-1949. (Listed as DAVEY). Construction of Kali Sind Bridge: Sara Bridge: Tel Bridge: Bengal-Nagpur Railway. The Viceroy, Lord Irwin: Opening of new constructions: official groups. Photographs: 92
Vol 2

Bihar and Orissa. 1903-1931. Formal groups of ministerial and judicial officers: bungalow. Photographs: 9
Vol 1

India General. Kashmir. Tibet. 1904-1918. Visit of Lord Ampthill and Suite to Kashmir: the Maharaja Sahib Bahadur: Installation of the Maharaul Shri Pratapsinhji, Bansda State. Lord Willingdon, Governor of Bombay, and Lady Willingdon. Lord Lloyd.
Durbars: ceremonies: state camp: shooting parties: English vernacular and monastery schools: lamas: Mystery plays: Moravian mission: Christian converts: plague camp: famine victims: local people and activities: dacoits: temples: views: domestic life. Photographs: 354
Vol 3

Punjab. 1935. Lahore Riots. Photographs: 8
Vol 1

Afghanistan. 1878-1888. Punjab. 1910-1936. 1878-1888 - Palaces: Residency: Kabul city: Sherpurs valley agriculture Military camps and activities: roads and bridges built by miners.
1910-1936 - Group en route to enthronement of the Raja of Bashahr: the Raja of Bashahr, court and family: British officials: Settlement staff: Daishak Baluchis: Financial Commissioner's Staff. Photographs: 88
Vol 3

Ceylon. Island of Delft. 1890-1924. Ceylon - Construction of Victoria Bridge: salt processing: tea estate: Coronation Day celebrations: local scenes.
Island of Delft - Buildings: local boats. Photographs: 79
Vol 2

Nepal. 1956. Coronation of the Maharajadhiraja of Nepal at Kathmandu: the Earl of Scarbrough, ambassador: President of the Republic of India: Representative of the Peoples Republic of China and Sikkim: Queen Ratna Devi: lama of Hinayan sect: Gurkha soldiers of Nepalese army: police: decorated buildings: royal elephants. Photographs: 10
Vol 2

NW.F.P. c.1930. Scottish troops: army life: manoeuvres: coolie lines: camps: recreations. Zakka Khels: Shinwaris. Photographs: 87
Vol 2

Bihar and Orissa. Western India. U.P. Muharram festival: Christmas camps: durbars: Jain temples: Hindu temples: the Mir of Hunza: the Raja of Baudh: official visits: agricultural and industrial exhibition: surveyors. Photographs: 253
Negatives: 309
Vol 2

Punjab. Bihar and Orissa. U.P.1924-1932. Construction of Chenab Bridge: construction work on Central Indian Railway: flood damage. Photographs: 86
Vol 1

India General. U.P. c.1850. Bridges: valley settlements: Taj Mahal. Photographs: 36
Vol 2

North India. Baluchistan. 1870-1945. Structural engineering on NW. Railway: bridges: rolling stock: stations. Glass plates: 79
Vol 3

U.P. Nepal. 1892-1893. Tiger shoot: trophies: camp: servants: local beaters: elephants Photographs: 17
Vol 1

Assam. c.1880-1890. Nagas in traditional dress: 44th Gurkha band: tea garden in detail: bungalow: family: servants. Photographs: 11
Vol 1

India General. 1897-1918. Railways: staff: track: rolling stock: bridges: tunnels: terrain. Police sports: amateur theatricals: church design: bungalows: servants. Photographs: 516
Postcards: 42
Vol 3

Burma. 1932-1940. Burma Oil Company oil fields: personnel: Governor's Visit: aircraft: sports: scout and guide troops: military parade: Burmese dignitaries. Photographs: 1333
Negatives: 5041
Vol 1

NW.F.P. Punjab. East Africa, 1914-1930. Fully documented collection on military career, with narrative. Indian troops in German East Africa. Grand tour as tutor to the son of the Galkwar of Baroda. Photographs: 2090
Vol 1

U.P. 1904-1917. Government House, Naini Tal: I.F.S. bungalows: famine relief work: shooting parties: camps: fancy dress ball. Photographs: 144
Vol 1

Bengal. Assam. Kashmir. Army manoeuvres: punitive expedition: camps. Palaces: temples. Kukis: Nagas: Kulus: Ghurkhas. Photographs: 89
Vol 1

India General. 1946. Visit to India with Parliamentary Delegation: political meetings: press conferences: trades unions: British dignitaries: Indian dignitaries. Photographs: 50
Vol 3

Assam. 1903-1948. The Assam Valley Light Horse: personnel: parades: marches: sports. Jamirah tea estate. Photographs: 139
Vol 2

India General. 1926-1946. Queen Elizabeth and Mrs. Pandit, President of India: the Viceroy, Lord Irwin: Lord Wavell: the Maharaja of Alwar: the Maharaja of Patiala: the Maharaja of Kapurthala: the Raja of Sirmoor: Nawab of Bahawalpur: the Maharaja of Nabha: the Maharaja of Rewa and other Indian rulers. Wedding of the Crown Prince of Kapurthala: State banquet: tiger shoot: official groups. Photographs: 22
Vol 2

U.P. 1932-1937. I.C.S. Probationers: official groups: Silver Jubilee Committee: exhibition of rural life. views of Agra: District Magistrate's bungalow. Photographs: 37
Vol 3

Burma. c.1934. Catholic church: school: village: musicians: crafts: Portraits: Padaung: Karenni: Gimbo: Latta: Shan: Karen: Ghekow: Preack. Photographs: 35
Vol 1

India General. c.1890. Government buildings: social life in Calcutta and Darjeeling: police: views of Delhi and Agra: palaces: temples. Tribal people, mainly the hill people of central India. Photographs: 182
Vol 3

NW.F.P. Madras. 1927-1945. Royal Army Medical Corps: Sikh and Gurkha regiments: army quarters: camps: parades: transport: recreations. Photographs: 92
Vol 3

India General. 1910-1926. (Listed as WATERS) Jubilee camp: Empire Day celebrations: Lord Willingdon: Lord Irwin: Indian rulers: churches: domestic life: amateur dramatics. Toda and other people. Photographs: 333
Vol 2

India General. Middle East. Europe. 1899-1946. Life in India, many photographs relating to "Apprentice to Power" and "At Freedom's Door". The Maharaja of Devas: Indian rulers: Durbars: Congress Leaders: political meetings: graduate colony: colonists: famine relief: camps: crafts: bungalows: servants. Punjab tour as consultant to Planning Commission on Co-operation. Inspection tour: co-operative sugar mills: factory: co-operative farming school. Photographs: 1773
Negatives: 924
Vol 3

Burma. First half of 20th century. Life of Naga and Chin tribes in detail: dress: houses: village: husbandry: funeral customs: legal customs: war dance: hunting: drinking: weaving. Ceremonies prior to cremation of Buddhist priest: juggernaths: temple. Photographs: 35
Vol 1

U.P. 1911-1929. Police: Collector's bungalow: ceremonial boat. Tharn and Karen. Photographs: 18
Vol 3

India. Burma. Ceylon. 1917 onwards. Elephants working timber in detail. Series of postcards: views of Delhi: Agra: Fatehpur Sikri: Ceylon: Burma. Photographs: 56
Postcards: 100
Vol 4

N W. F. P. c.1920. Sikh procession: Afghan delegates to Peace Conference: Mujtahid in Khilafat Agitation: 39th Division Signals Company: army camps: crashed aircraft: transport mules and camels. Photographs: 39
Vol 1

Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 1923-1931. Scout and Guide work in detail: officials in uniform: groups: Bhantoo and local people: plantation: agricultural station: barracks: bazaar: sports: local industry: shipping: views. Photographs: 58
Vol 2

Delhi. Bengal. Ceylon. 1901- 1902. Prison life in detail. Troopship: torpedo boat: views of Delhi and Agra: Botanic garden. Views of Ceylon. Photographs: 133
Vol 3

Ceylon. c.1908-1921. Rubber tapping: working and ceremonial elephants: temple: shrine: outrigger boats: jugglers: thatched bungalows: car rally. Photographs: 53
Vol 3

NW.F.P. Punjab. Madras. 1887-1920. Police work: Samana Rifles: Frontier Constabulary: Sikhs: Wazirs: Powindas: forts: camps. George V Coronation Parade: Sir Hector Denny's Christmas camp: the Viceroy Lord Hardinge: Madrasi Raja. Photographs: 205
Vol 2

Burma. Shan States. c.1921. Burma. Wild Tribes Camp: Red Karen: Sgaw Karen: Bre Karen: Palaune Kwanhais: Pale-Ommasawn: Nam Khan Shan: Padaung: Chin: Palaung: Chin Paw: Shan T'yoke: Kachin Chingpaw Medicine .Men. Shan States. Karaweik Hpaung (Royal Raft) bearing statues of Buddha to Nyaungshwe for annual reguilding. Leg Rowers on Inle Lake. Photographs: 33
Vol 3

U.P. Punjab. NW.F.P. 1898-1932. Hutted plague hospital in detail: disinfecting houses: medical staff: Ramsey hospital: C.M.S. missionaries. Rajput Light Infantry: King's Birthday Parade: camps: camel transport. Photographs: 161
Vol 3

Hyderabad. NW.F.P. 1936-1942. Official duties at Welfare Centres: fetes and receptions: Indian rulers and politicians: Residency at Hyderabad: Commissioner's house at Bannu: Commissioner and Chief Secretary's houses at Peshawar. Photographs: 74
Vol 2

NW.F.P. 1920-1948. Military Life in detail: forts: camps: manoeuvres: Wireless Telegraphy Unit: airfield and aircraft: troopship. Tea: oil: sugar: tiger shoot. Photographs: 5309
Postcards: 99
Negatives: 2936
Vol 3

Assam. 1903. 43rd Gurkha Rifles: military life and equipment: the Raja of Manipur: Naga tribes: Manipuri crafts and activities: the Residency. Photographs: 36
Vol 1

Dehli. 1981. Statues of former Viceroys at Delhi. Photographs: 19
Vol 3

Kashmir. 1929. Glaciers: dams: lakes: sounding boat. Lamas: lama dance: monastery local people. Photographs: 148
Vol 1

Punjab. Kashmir. 1928-1941. Mandi: Uhl River. Hydro-electric Project in detail: terrain: construction: machinery workforce. Skiing and snow scenes in Kashmir. Photographs: 404
Vol 3

Sikkim. Madras. 1956. Pandit Nehru as Prime Minister: the Maharaja of Gangtok: the Dewan of Gangtok: the Dalai Lama: the Panchen Lama: palace monastery: palace: Lepcha Lama: Lepcha people: Tibetan migrants: pack animals: bridges. Photographs: 27
Photoprints 4
Vol 2

India General. 1914-1919. Army parades: camps: supply cattle: bivouacs: gymkhana. Potter: money exchange: holy man: agriculture: camel train: houseboats. Palaces: the Maharajah of Dhar's Guest House: Mohammedan mosque: Hindu temple: C.M.S. mission school. Photographs: 368
Vol 1

India General. Burma. 1883-1908. Cooper's Hill engineering College: Telegraph Department: bridge construction: Bengal-Nagpur Railway: Mushkal Bolan Railway: the Khan of Khelat: the Maharaja of Kapurthala: Maharaja Scindra's Durbar Hall. Tribal people: Phoungé: Toda: Pathan: Khondal. Villages: working elephants: catching wild elephants: camel caravan: pack animals: crafts: bridges: shikari: fishermen: boats. Nautch girls. Family life: social life: bungalows: houses: servants: polo. Burma -King Thebaw's school: Burmese princess: Pway dance: Burmese people: pagodas: palace: dacoits. Photographs: 970
Engineering Drawings 38
Vol 4

Tibet. c.1934. Tibetan dignitaries: dancers at festival. Gompa. Colour Transparencies 11
Negatives: 142
Vol 3

U.P. India General. China. Middle East.1895-1944. Visit of the Viceroy, the Marquis of Linlithgow to Benares: the Maharaja of Benares: Ram Krishna Mission Home: Philosophical Girls' School: Aurangzeb mosque: Pannahal and guests. Inspection Tour with Sir H. Haig: Udai Pratap Boys' School: Committee of King Edward Memorial Hospital: Rural Development Centre: members of village Panchayat. The 39th Garwhal Rifles: first Indian balloon section. Church built by Colonel Hume: Sandes Soldiers' Home: dispensary: Viceregal Lodge, Simla: Christmas camp. Photographs: 238
Vol 1

C.P. India General. Assam.1933-1978. Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck: Mahatma Gandhi and followers: the Maharani Profulla Devi and children, including Pravir Bung Deo, the Maharaja of Bastar: the Maharani Memorial Hospital during construction: palace: the Maharaja of Patna's Christmas camp: I.C.S. and Indian Police Christmas Camp: District Christmas Camp: Dushera ceremony: Namkaran ceremony: Judiciary and officials at Opening of New High Court, designed by Medd, at Nagpur. Assam Rifle Lines: tribesmen with crashed Japanese aircraft, Lushai Hills. Tribal people: Dugsli Maya: Parga: Dandami Maria: Konta Maria: Bhatra: Raj Ghond: Bastur Muria: sculptures of tribal people by Margaret Milward: Aboriginal tree-felling competition at George V Silver Jubilee celebrations: medical treatment for yaws. Official, social and family life, principally during E.S. Hyde's appointment as Diwan of Bastar: Residencies: tours: travel: tiger shoots: fancy dress parties at Palace: houses: Dak bungalows: staff: servants. Photographs: 295
Vols 3 and 4

Bombay. U.P. 1886-1889. University Clock Tower: Secretariat: High Court: Victoria Station: Harbour: Sailors' Home: Westropp House, interior: Mr. Justice Scott's House, interior: views of Delhi and Agra. Lady Reay's Grand Bazaar: gymkhana: Ladies gymkhana. Photographs: 66
Vol 3

Malaya. Undated. Institute for Medical Research: leper colony: rubber plantation: coconut plantation: rice cultivation: tin mine: Tamils: Malays: Sakais: crafts: Botanic Garden: tree species: temples: mosques. Glass Plates: 69
Vol 1

Baluchistan. NW.F.P. 1920-1935. Quetta Earthquake: destruction of Residency: Garrison church: R.A.F. barracks: power station: main streets: bride: cinema: thieves bazaar: market shops: refugees on race course: 4,000 victims at I.M.S. tented hospital: conference on Club lawn: city sealed by barbed wire and sentries. General Lord Rawlinson, Commander in Chief, received by Prince of Chitral: Nawab's palace: forts: Waziri village: army camps: bridges. Photographs: 80
Vol 1

Punjab. 1910-1935. Enthronement of the Thakur of Mahlog: the Thakur crowned with ceremonial turban by W.G. Kennedy, Superintendent, Hill States: speeches: the Rana of Kuthan. Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Jubbal State: the Raja Rana of Bhagat: the Maharaja of Gondal: Tika Sahib Raipur: the Rana of Kuthar: the Maharaja of Orchha: the Raja of Jubbal the Maharaja of Gondal and guests: Jubilee Durbar: distribution of largesse: Hainault, the Simla Residence of the Raja of Jubbal: tea party with the Raja of Keonthal and the Ranas of Kuthar and Dhami: banquet: presentation of gifts: speeches. Photographs: 60
Vol 1

Punjab. C.P. U.P. Baluchistan. c.1900-1958. XVth Lancer regiment in detail: personnel: Pathans, Sikhs, Mussulman Rajputs: barracks: military duties: parades: uniforms: Mess silver. Visit of the Viceroy and Lady Linlithgow to regimental sports. XVth Lancers after re-organisation into an Indian regiment: the Quarter Guard: polo team: polo matches: trophies. The Raja of Kasheepore: Pergamund Kishen, Ruler of Bilari: the Nawab Sayeed Uddin Khan. Photographs: 82
Vol 2

Laccadive Islands. Madras. 1920-1922. District Tour to Islands: R.M.S. Minto: Islanders dancing: coconut palms: fishing by net and trap: mosque: lighthouse: snake boats. Madras: District Tour with family and nine servants: travellers' bungalows: peons: Jain temples and stumba: Halebede temple carvings: Swami: Hindu Girls' School: Basel Mission Tile Works: coffee estate: tea estate: crocodile shoot: hunters with bows and arrows. Photographs: 106
Vol 2

Madras. Bombay. Burma. Assam. Travel: Dak bungalows: members of agriculture class: agriculture: crafts: police: Collector's bungalow: Toda people and customs: Bhils: camps: tea estate: jail: Royal Flying Corps base: shrines: tombs: the Ruler of Dolkhamb and family: the Nizam of Hyderabad's police: Government House, Madras and Ootacamund. Burma: Inspection Tour along Irrawaddy River in detail: river steam boat: floods: reception pandals: mud volcano: working elephants: naval and military guard of honour. Government House, Rangoon. Government House, Shillong, Assam at Sir Henry Knight's appointment as Acting Governor of Assam. Photographs: 333
Vol 3

India General. Burma. Japan. 1896-1917. Q.V.O. Madras Sappers and Miners: camp: manoeuvres: Coronation Parade. XVIIIth Bengal Lancers: camps: forts: terrain: manoeuvres. King George V and Queen Mary in Calcutta. Lord Kitchener and H.Q. Staff Group. Japan. Views and people of Japan. Photographs: 104
Vol 3

Burma. 1930-1967. Rice cultivation: I.C.I. fertiliser trials: paddy brokers: buying station: paddy gigs loading: rice mills. Riots: arson: police: Imperial Indian Mail train. Sir Archibald Cochrane, Governor of Burma, and Lady Cochrane: Lord Inchcape: Lord and Lady Salvesen: the Maharaja of Rajpipla. Film star in court dress of Burmese Princess. Photographs: 57
Negatives: 8
Vol 3

Burma. Kashmir. 1924-1932. Tharawaddy Rebellion in detail: Burma military police: weaponry: manoeuvres: panji stockades: hutments: watch towers: improvised bridges. Rebels: rebel arms: flags: gongs: drums: rebels awaiting interrogation: British and Burmese with head of Chit Kawng: identification of dead rebels and leaders. Naga Hills, Upper Chindwin, Expedition in detail. Gurkha: Harka and Gurwali military police: demonstration of automatic weapons to Nagas: Naga chieftains: Naga people Naga Chiefs' peace offering to military: Ponnyio village being burned: Ponnyio chiefs bringing fines of beads and spears: heads and feet on Totem poles: human skulls after sacrifice: annual sacrifice of the Mithun. Kashmir - Dushera festival and effigies: parade review by Maharaja and staff: Kashmiri people: Nedou's hotel: golf tournament: houseboats: shikari party: Mahseer fishing: spear fishermen. Photographs: 332
Vol 2

Madras. 1930s. Inspection bungalow: workforce and calyx drill: Viceroy's launch fitted out for Lord Irwin, Ooralie tree hut: Ooralies and dam staff: road repairs: rice cultivation. Photographs: 14
Vol 1

Central India. U.P. c.1908 Nagda-Muttra State Railway. Viaducts: bridges: stations. Photographs: 10
Vol 2

Burma. 1934-1938. Sir Hugh Lansdown and party at Shan States Agricultural Exhibition. Inspection of produce: ploughs: seed drills: fields: agricultural station. Agricultural staff and sugar cane trials: cultivation and processing of sugar cane: boiling sugar. Padaung people, giraffe-necked, in traditional dress. Mandalay College. Photographs: 35
Negatives: 3
Vol 1

India General. Kashmir.1913-1929. Agriculture: exhibition and cattle fair: herds and herdsmen: village life: village meetings: wells: riverbank settlement: festival and juggernaut: forest bungalows: P.W.D. bungalows. Social and domestic life: voyages: Christmas camp: Residency: houses: children: servants: horses: dogs: carriages: views of Delhi and Kashmir. Photographs: 403
Negatives: 355
Vol 3

Maldive Islands. 1931. Visit of Acting Governor of Ceylon, Sir Bernard Bourdillon to consider the succession to the Sultanship. The Governor and party: the Sultan and retinue: conference on H.M.S. Enterprise: decorated processional route to palace: guard of honour: cricket match: spear dance: views. Visit to small atoll: graves of British seamen. Photographs: 60
Vol 2

Afghanistan. 1932-1933. Visit of Commander-in-Chief and diplomats to Independence Day celebrations: the Ruler of Afghanistan and brother: Pillar of Independence: views. Photographs: 22
Vol 3

Ceylon. 1939-1942. Director of Medical and Sanitary Services and Divisional Officer inspecting division of St. John's Ambulance Brigade: Lady Caldecote, Governor's wife at Women's International Club: Ceylon Babies Club. Photographs: 23
Vol 4

Bihar and Orissa. India General. 1909-1932. District Tours in detail: survey and settlement groups: boundary disputes: irrigation: municipal elections: Pundarak Government Estate: tenants and litigants: army camps: quinine parade: cholera epidemic: District Officers' bungalows: the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj: Rajputs: Bhuiyas: Juangs. Swearing in of the Governor of Orissa: King George VI's Proclamation: President at Republic Day celebrations: Ministers of Orissa's first Ministry: hospital: medical school: civic buildings: Tata Steel Works. Social and domestic life: family: servants: houses: travel. Photographs: 670
Vol 3

U.P. c.1860-1920. Oudh and Rohilkhund Railway: agents: engines: bridges: stations. Photographs: 8
Vol 1

Ceylon. c.1920. Harbour slipway: cranes: warehouses: Colombo Port Commission craft: pilot ship designed by T.D. Mason: local boats. Photographs: 3
Vol 1

India General. 1911-1941. District Tours in detail: bungalows: camps: rice, sugar and grain crops: Agaria's pay day: salt processing: wells: Government rubber plantation: country crafts: fishing: tiger shoot: travel: flora and fauna. Collector's Durbar: Viceregal group: Conference of Governors: .Abdication Proclamation: Civil and Army Secretariats: Francescan and Jesuit Churches: schools: Tamil boarding school: orphanage: .'Mission House: Indian Minister's church and house: Lamani people and dances: -Ivlohurram procession. Specialist collections on flora and lepidoptera. Photographs: 2105
Glass Plates: 948
Negatives: 711
Vol 3

Burma. Bengal. Ceylon. 1951-1954. Joint Venture Oil Company: British and Burmese signing Agreement: Company Directors: oilfield: refinery. Receptions: Sir Hubert Rance, last British Governor of Burma: Sir Paul Gore-Booth, British Ambassador: U Win Maung, first President of Burma: U Nu, Prime ,Minister: U Thant, Private Secretary: Chief Justice of Union of Burma: Herr W'illy Brandt: Netherlands Minister. High Court: Law Courts: Union Bank: Independence Monument. Pagodas. Shan: Tamil: Burmese and Nepalese people. Tribal people: Karen: Kachin: Kayah. Ceylon. Tamil tea pickers: planters’ club: panning for gems: rice fields: Dutch canal: temple. Photographs: 118
Vol 1

New Delhi. India General. 1920-1975. Design and construction of Nest Delhi in detail: Viceroy's House: Secretariat: Record Office: senior staff bungalows: staff quarters: George V Memorial: All India War Memorial: Ladv Hardinge's Serai: Church of the Sacred Heart: Church of the Redemption: St. Martin's Church. Design and Construction of the High Court of Judicature at Nagpur. Small commissions: dedicatory plaques: pedestals for statuettes: memorials. Laying foundation stones: topping out ceremony: groups of architects and staff: Sir Edwin Lutyens: H.A.N Medd: A.G. Shoosmith: Sir Hubert Baker. Travel throughout India. Views of Old Delhi: Agra: Ajanta caves: Ellora caves: palaces: temples: tombs with architectural detail: general interest photographs. Photographs: 954
Vol 3

India General. 1894-1898. Shipboard scenes: wreck of Royal Indian Mail Ship "Warren Hastings": Botanic Garden and Zoological Garden, Calcutta: horse-racing: domestic scenes. Photographs: 56
Vol 1

India General. 1914-1945. Upper Doab Canal Scheme: Upper Swat River Project: viaduct: bridges: roads: construction work: workforce: groups of officials: transport: quarters: terrain. Flight of Hawker Hart type aircraft: dispute settlement: travel: agriculture: camps: recreations: views. Photographs: 615
Negatives: 330
Vol 3

India General. Nepal. 1904-1940. Forestry work: deforested land: grazing land: harvesting and storing grass: elephants working timber: Forestry officers: I.F.S. bungalows: camps: shooting party. Nepal: British Legation: King's Durbar and Durbar square. Photographs: 481
Negatives: 468
Glass Plates: 34
Vol 3

Burma. Shan States. China. India. c.1933-1942. The Governor of Burma, Sir Charles Innes: inauguration of new Governor Sir Hugh Stephenson: state coach in procession: St. John's school and college: student boycott: sports: church: archdeaconry: cavalcade en route to conference in China: Burmese bible class: priests: festival: funeral procession: Chinese funeral: nuns. Chin, Shan, Kachin, Karen, Siamese, Burmese people: police. Pagodas: mosques: monastery: palace: fort: harbours: shipping. Photographs: 179
Vol 3

Assam. Naga tribes in detail: other tribes: warriors: ceremonial dress: ornaments: dances: crafts: agriculture: domestic life: tribal gatherings. Halt of Japanese invasion at Kohima: terrain: ruins: regimental memorials: Kohima re-built. Timber processing in detail: working elephants: sawmill: machinery. The Viceroy Lord Linlithgow: Sir Robert Reid, Governor of Assam: coronation celebrations: Government House, Shillong: Governor's Visit to Kohima: Governor's Tours in Assam. World travel: social: domestic life. Photographs: 1442
Negatives: 41
Vol 3

Ceylon. 1925-1930. Pearl fishing in detail: ships: divers: oyster beds: inspection launch: oyster catch: samples: shore settlement: pearl merchants. Photographs: 156
Vol 1

Bengal. 1913-1923. Bishop's College. Calcutta: Indian ordinands and staff: ordination day: Christian women students: clergy and ordinands on tour: Indian cleric and family: Indian Christian wedding: churches. Ordinands at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Photographs: 154
Vol 1

PERCIVAL COLLECTION Bombay. Madras. c.1880-1937. Officials of General Census of India, 1891: family and social life. Women's Christian College, Madras: staff: students: hostel and quarters: chapel: main building. Photographs: 37
Vol 4

Bengal. c.1880s. (Listed as ELLIS). Shikari party: trophies: local people: bridges: cinchoua trees: rubber trees: church: views of Darjeeling: mountains. Tea growing and manufacture. Photographs: 66
Vol 2

Bombay. 1941-1944. Structural details of Bombay-Poona road: bridges: wells: brick kilns: work force. Photographs: 41
Vol 4

India General. 1926-1966. Indian rulers, including the Maharaja of Patiala: the Maharaja of Kutch: wedding ceremonies for Indian Prince: palaces: Durbars: state buildings: the Viceroy's Garden Party: Receptions: party for children of Indian rulers: tiger shoot: horse show: tennis: cricket. Professor Rushbrook Williams, Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru and the Lord Chancellor at Imperial Conference, 10 Downing Street, London. Photographs: 740
Negatives: 170
Vol 3

India General. Kashmir. Assam. 1921 onwards. New Delhi. Secretariat and Legislature. Traditional Indian architecture: palaces: temples: mosques: shrines: tombs: ruins. Travel: general interest. Photographs: 1000
Negatives: 1230
Vol 3

India General. Nepal. 1901-1928. The Prince of Wales with the Maharaja of Nepal: the Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany: General Sir William Birdwood: Inauguration of a Prince: Enthronement of Nepalese Prince: Residency in Nepal: Residency in Kalat: Resident's garden party: ceremonial parades: Hindu temples: Jain temples: Mohammedan grave-yard: palaces. Shikari group: Memsahibs with lances: beaters: elephants: guns: trophies: camps: gymkhana: camel races. British and Indian Army: Post and Telegraph office. Photographs: 952
Negatives: 114
Vols 1, 2, 3

Assam. U.P. 1945-1946. Assam. 3rd Battalion Assam Regiment: personnel: permanent camp: motor transport. U.P. Indian Military Academy: Forestry Research Institute. Photographs: 82
Vol 2

India General. Burma. Nepal. Tibet. Voyage to India: Mission hospital: plague hospital: Toda, Lepcha and other tribal people: crafts: skills recreations: palaces: views of famous places. India Lecture series by the Church Army Lantern Department and others. Glass Plates: 387
Vol 3

Burma. 1938-1939. The Verney-Cutting Expedition to the Myitkyina District of Burma collecting for the American Museum of Natural History. Simla Frontier Meeting. Aircraft: pack mules: Kachin, Lashi and Absi tribes: Shan Burmese people: dances: pagodas: agriculture: Durbar and shoot for Sir Hugh Stephenson, Governor of Burma: decorated barges: racing boats: District Collector's House, office and motor launch: litigants at Frontier Meeting. Photographs: 155
Vol 1

W. Pakistan. Kashmir. India. Ceylon. 1948-1960. Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce personnel and duties: Kurram Militia: fighter aircraft: military police. Tribal people: Mahsud and Yusufzai Pathans: Wazir: Sudhan: desert Nomads. Nagar and Hunza people. The Mir of Nargar's Palace. Azad Kashmir Secretariat and High Court. The Thal Development Authority: canal colony: headman and Society of Elders: houses: tube well. India: West Pakistan: Kashmir: Ceylon. General Interest Glass Plates: - 18 boxes
Photographs: 640
Glass Plates: 1720
Vols 1, 2, 3

Madras. India General. 1860s-1935. Lord Goshen, Governor of Madras: groups of officials.The Maharaja of Cochin: palaces: Purdah school: normal school: views of Delhi and Agra: Ellora and Ajanta caves in detail: the Nizam's guest house: Ooty hunt and races: Koyas' buffalo dance: travel: general interest. Inauguration of Pykara Hydro-electric Scheme: construction of dam and reservoir at Metur: house and office interiors: farewell groups at Society for Protection of Children: National Indian Association: Ladies Recreation Club: Willingdon Club. Photographs: 998
Negatives: 93
Vols 1, 2, 3

India General. 1870s. (Listed as DAVEY). Famine victims: Sir E. Russell's Christmas camp: Indian troops: memorial to the fallen at Delhi: ruins of Lucknow Residency: bungalows: houses. Photographs: 36
Vol 2

Bengal. 1925-1934. Restricted access: apply before visit Terrorist activities: police work in detail: police armoury: wrecked buildings and cars: dead rebels: explosive store and bombs: derailed train. Lord Lytton, with Sir Charles Tegart, Commissioner of Police, decorating police officers. Photographs: 82
Negatives: 75
Vol 3

Ceylon. India General Ceylon. Rice: tea: shipping: railway: views:. India. Residencies: Agency House: Darjeeling Railway: palaces: temples: camps: views. Photographs: 120
Vol 1

India General. 1913-1945. American Methodist Episcopal Mission work in detail: schools: staff: Christian converts from Outcastes' school: Indian preachers: Sadhus: village life: crafts: missionary bungalows: travel. Christian College, Lucknow, in detail: leper workers conference: Mrs. Pandit's daughters. Photographs: 274
Vol 3

Burma. 1917-1928. Burmese Labour Corps in detail. Preparation of the Royal Barge: Viceroy's visit to Burma. Photographs: 12
Vol 3

Kashmir. 1933-1937. Political Adviser's duties: reading Proclamation: jirga: parades: Durbars: bungalows: camps: shooting party: trophies: expedition: bridges: buffalo skin raft: views: cultivation. Mountain peaks: glaciers: aircraft. Photographs: 78
Vol 4

Madras. 1920-1921. Tribal people: Dongria Khond: Koya: Bonda Poraji: Brinjari.Lord and Lady Willingdon during Governorship of Madras at Opening Meet of Ooty Hunt: the Maharaja of Vizianagram's duck shoot: golfers with trophies. Photographs: 19
Vol 2

Mysore. Madras. Bombay. Undated. Missionary work: Roman Catholic hospital: R.C. church: Indian ministers: temples: idols. Schools: English High School: Schools for Outcastes: Siddi Kathe School: London Mission High School: Tamil Boarding School: Boys Vernacular School: Wesleyan High School: Xtu School for Boys. Photographs: 164
Vol 3

Burma. c.1897-1925. Teak production: Forest Conservator's inspection tour: launch: steamer: local boats: coolies: camps: terrain: village scenes: social life. Tribal people: Kwemi: Padaung: Mro. Photographs: 294
Vol 1

Burma. 1902-1929. Co-operative movement in Burma: co-operative and agricultural conference: officials of European and Burmese co-operative colonies: cooperative department and staff: first Urban co-operative conference: co-operative societies: co-operative probationers on Intensive Training Course: prize-giving at Technical College: staff of Local GovernmentMinistry at Secretariat. Headworks on Mon Canal: Wesleyan Mission School: houses: amateur theatricals. Photographs: 53
Vol 1

Bengal. 1910-1929. Construction of Hardinge Bridge over the Lower Ganges at Sara in detail: the Viceroy, Lord Hardinge: NW.Railway Training School. Albums of Working Drawings, photographs interspersed. Photographs: 74
Vol 1

Kashmir. Afghanistan. c.1925. The Maharaja of Kashmir's coronation. Afghan rebels and executions. Photographs: 15
Vol 3

Punjab. India General. Ceylon. 1912-1925. Irrigation works on Upper and Lower Chenab Canals: lime kilns for New Delhi and Sutlej Valley Project: local and British domestic life on edge of Bikaner Desert: travel: camels. Voyage to India. Ceylon.General interest. Photographs: 1660
Vol 1

C.P. U.P. Kashmir. 1900-1921. The Prince of Wales' Durbar: District engineer on tour with clerks: family and 16 servants: bungalow and interiors. Photographs: 14
Negatives: 7
Vol 3

Bombav. 1947. Sir John Colville and the Honourable Mr. B.G. Kher. Prime Minster of Bombay, at Independence Day ceremonies. Lord Mountbatten saluting the national flag at a party given by Mr. Kher. Photographs: 4
Vol 1

India General. 1927-1949. Military: 44th Cavalry: 94th Sappers and Miners:21st Mounted Regiment (Gunners): R.I.A.S.C., 20th Mule Company: R.I.A.S.C., 40th Camel Company. Independence Day, Calcutta. Social and family life: the voyage: Viceregal Ball: departure of the Viceroy, Lord Willingdon: clubs: race course and Turf Club: Christmas Camp: tiger shoot: tea estate: houseboats: family life. Photographs: 355
Negatives: 20
Vol 3