Travancore sisters-lalitha,padmini,ragini-(also ambika and sukumari) photos1954; Woodman family collection
Right to left: Ambika, Padmini, Ruth Woodman, Lalitha, Sukumari
Right to left: Ambika, Ragini, Saraswati Amma (the Travancore Sister’s mother), Padmini, Ruth Woodman, Lalitha, Sukumari
A formal portrait of Ragini and Padmini:
Ragini with her brother, Chandran:
Ragini with  Jane:
Padmini with Woodmans:
Left to Right, front row: Ambika, Lalitha, Chandran, Ragini, my dad, Padmini, Sukumari. Ragini got stuck holding the camera case.
on the left is Guru Gopalakrishnan, who sometimes danced with the sisters.(padmini,ragini,lalitha)
Lalitha (1930-1982) was the oldest of the sisters, in whose pioneering footsteps Padmini and Ragini followed. She got her start in films at age eight.
Lalitha (left) and Ragini (right) in their expressive enactment of a dance drama, also in 1954:
Like the older two, Lalitha and Padmini, the youngest Travancore sister, Ragini, was a stunning dancer with a sparkling screen presence. The tallest of the three, she would often play a male role in dance dramas. She’s made up with a little moustache in this clip from Ummini Thanka, a 1961 Malayalam film. She could also wield a cricket bat!
These photos show her luminous beauty.

lalitha,padmini raginia-above  AND padmini ragini lalitha below

The matriarchial head of the family was Karthiyayini Amma whose husband was PK Pillai (Palakunnathu Krishna Pillai of Cherthala) alias 'Penang Padmanabha Pillai'. PK Pillai had six sons of whom Satyapalan Nair (Baby) was a leading producer of many early Malayalam films. Another son, Raveendran Nair's daughter Latika Suresh, is a leading producer of Malayalam TV programs.[Padmini in a frock, sitting on the left, with her extended family at Malaya Cottage]

Lalitha, Padmini, centre, and Ragini.
Lalitha, Padmini, centre, and Ragini.

photo below:-Thookku Thookki - 1954-Sivaji Ganesan, Lalitha, Padmini, Ragini,

PHOTO BELOW:-Taking Superstar Talat Mahmood's autograph backstage 
after his concert are none other than the famous Travancore
Sisters Ragini and Padmini (star of Raj Kapoor's "Jis Desh
Men Ganga Behti Hai") with their equally famous cousin Sukumari 

Tamil actor NSKrishnan  with Travancore sisters. Actresses Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini

padmini dance in kumarasambavam 1969 



The Travancore sisters:-