Hundreds witness high sounding rocket launch

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Hundreds witnessed the launch of the high sounding rocket by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre(VSSC) at the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) as part of theWorld Space Week celebrations on Monday.

As the countdown began and the rocket lifted off to the skies, the spectators, mostly children, beamed with joy and hailed it with a huge applause. Many of them, who had witnessed the rocket launch for the first time, were thrilled at the sight and said that it was a memorable moment in their lives.

"Three such high sounding rockets of the Rohini series that roughly surges 70 km high is planned for launch for the public during the World Space Week celebrations. On Sunday, over 3,500 people, mostly school and college students, visited TERLS, but we did not expect such a crowd on working days," said Sasi Kumar K, a senior scientist at VSSC. Public can watch the rocket launch on Tuesday afternoon as well.

Since the first rocket launch of Rohini RH-75 at TERLS in 1967, it has come a long way with the launch of a series of augmented rockets such as RH-100, RH-125, RH-300 and RH-560 which gave an insight into the aerodynamics. They also launched indigenous rockets such as Menaka I and II, Indian Centuara I and II as well as multi-staged rockets for astronomical and weather forecasting studies.

The visitors to TERLs also made a beeline to the 'Space Museum' that displays the anecdotes from Indian space and had a glimpse of a new show termed 'Space View' that was opened recently.

With that, about 200 students selected by the Board of Public Instructions from across the state will participate in the interactive session with space scientists and astronauts at TERLS during the week.