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Namboothiri Websites, formed in September 1999, is a voluntary and non-profit-oriented forum based at Calicut, having members from all over the world. It aims at documenting Namboothiri traditions in this website, with details of everything concerning Namboothiris. The term Namboothiri is pronounced also as Nambudiri / Nambutiri / Nambuthiri / Nampoothiri / Nampoodiri / Nampootiri / Nambudhiri / Nampoodhiri etc.

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About Namboothiris Namboothiris - An Exclusive Community Gothram and Pravaram Brief History Settlement

The Thiruvalla Settlement - A Case Study Vararuchi and Mezhathol Agnihothri Sree Sankaraachaaryar Namboothiris and Perumaals

Yogam and Yogaathiris Panniyoor - Sukapuram Conflict Perinchelloor Graamam Sukapuram Graamam

Karikkaad Graamam Peruvanam Graamam Avittathoor Graamam Kumaaranelloor Graamam

Kaadamuri Graamam Aaranmula Graamam Chengannoor Graamam Kaviyoor Graamam

Neermanna Graamam Panniyur Graamam Thampraakkal Vaidikan

Othikkan The Saagara Dwijans of Kerala Pathillathil Pottimaar (The Pottis of Ten Illams) Thonnoorukaar (The Nineties)

Thukalasseri Bhattathiris Velliyaazhcha Koottam (Friday Group) Pathinaalu Desam Vedanaattu Graamakkaar

Irupathonnu Desam (21 Desam)

Classification of Namboothiris Nambiaathiris Namboothiri Rulers - Naaduvaazhikal Three Types of Bhattathiris
Vedic Tradition Anadhyaaya Dinangal (Educational Holidays) Vedam Rigvedam Yajurvedam

Saamavedam Brahmaswom Madhoms and Swaamiyar Madhoms Kaamakoti Yajurveda Paatthasaala, Irinjalakuda Sudarsanam Vedavidyaapeettham, Aranmula

Vedic Testing Kadavalloor Anyonyam - Winners Paadam Vekkal Vaaram, Thrisanddha, Othoottu and Panchasanddha

Othoottu Rigveda Thrisandhha Vedic Chanting Skills Vechu Namaskaaram

Dasadaanam Aadhaanam Aadhaanam Photographs Yaagam (Yajnam)

Yaagasaala Somalatha Bahish-Pavamaana-Sthuthi Saalaavaidyan

Paswaalambhanam [Animal Sacrifice in Yaagams] Auspicous day for Somayaagam Somayaagam 2003 Somayaagam 2003 article

Detailed Programme (Somayaagam) Detailed Programme (Athiraathram)

Yaagam Photographs Public Participation Recent Namboothiri Performances of Yaagams Saamavedam on CDs

Kaimukku Yaagam Photos

Yathi Sevaasangham Samnyaasis Outside the State - Sivapuri Baba Vilwamangalam Swaamiyaar Athyaasrami Appath Ateeri

Erkkara Raman Namboodiri

Murajapam and the Role of Namboothiris Pattathanam Pathinettara Kavikal Ariyittu Vaazhcha
Temples and Temple Rituals of Kerala Thanthram Thanthra Vidyaa Peettham Vaidika Vijnaana Kendram Pooja (Worship)

Padmams Saanthikkaar in Some Temples of Kerala Raavaljis of Badari
Poonool Renewal of the Sacred Thread Shodasakriyakal Sandhyaavandanam Upasththaanam

Rites Sikha or Kuduma Vrathaanushtthaanangal Sudhaasudham

Maattu Punyaham Cremation Impending Death

Aasoucham or Pula The 64 Anaachaarams Brahmachaaris
Namboothiri Joint Family System Matriarchy Among Namboothiris Smaarthavichaaram Some Bhrashtu (Excommunication) Cases Kaimukkal at Suchindram Temple

The Last Successful Kaimukkal The Traditional Method of Education among Namboothiris Counting Numbers with Fingers
Dress of  Namboothiris Namboothiri Ornaments Namboothiri Language Namboothiri Wits Food and Food Habits


Vaasthu Vidya See Typical Mana Some Namboothiri Illams Namboothiri Illams
Vedic Science Manthravaadam - Conjuration - Sorcery Sanskrit Scholars
Hospitals and Nursing Homes Ayurvedam - The Science of Life Ashtavaidyans Vishachikitsa (Toxicology) Paediatrics - Kunnath Mana's Traditions

Nethraroga Chikitsa (Ophthalmology) Hasthyaayurvedam and Aanappavu Naagaaraadhana Mannaarasaala Naagaaraadhana Paambummekkaad

Naagaaraadhana Athippatta

Sanghakkali Sankhakali Teams (Table of Chaathira Yogams) Contribution to Kathakali Kathakali Yogams Namboothiri Aattakkathhaakaaranmaar and Their Plays

A Namboothiri in Koothu and Koodiyaattam Chumar Chithrakala Namboothiris and The Western Calendar
Katapayaadi or Paralpperu Chathurangam and Chess Sports and Games
Malayalam Literature The Venmani School Namboothiris in the Mainstream of Science Popularisation
20th century AD Tradition The 1901 Census Report The Story of Modern Education of Namboothiris Namboothiri Yogakshema Sabha - A Historical Perspective Namboothiri Yogakshema Sabha - Mile Stones

Yogakshema Sabha Yogakshema Sabha Antharjana Samaajam Daakshinaathya Brahma Sabha and Akhilakeralam

Namboothiri Organisations Outside Kerala

Gurukulams Kathhaaprasangam Aksharaslokam Namboothiri Magicians Vettakorumakan Paattu

Jeevatha (Seevatha) Ezhunnallathu Thitambu Nritham Agni and the Foreign Savants
Awards, Trusts and Scholarships
First version: 24th September 1999
Last update: 2nd March 2011

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"AGNI", Arena for Global Namboothiri's Interaction, was spawned in the minds of few Namboothiri youths stationed in Middle East, for the purpose of getting to know each other and bring them all under one umbrella, which is otherwise scattered in various parts of the Globe.
AGNI invites all Namboothiries to join this amazing place and let us all join our hands and make this a wonderful place to live. More>>>..

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