standard motors company -England and India

Standard Motor Company-England -[parent company of Indian standard car]

The Standard Motor Company was founded in Coventry, England in 1903 byReginald Walter Maudslay (1871–1934). The Standard name was last used in Britain in 1963, and in India in 1987.ENGLAND MADE CARS:-

1927 Standard Nine Selby Tourer

1933 Standard Ten.

Standard Nine 4-Door Saloon 1935

Standard Twelve 4-Door Saloon 1937

Standard Eight Saloon 1946

Standard Fourteen Saloon 1948

Phase 1A Standard Vanguard, 1947

Standard Vanguard Phase II, 1953

Standard Vanguard Junior 4-Door Saloon 1956

1956 Standard Ensign. It shared the Vanguard Series III body, but had a reduced specification. It was popular with the RAF.

Standard Vanguard 1958

Standard Ten 1959

standard motors india {madras}-INDIAN MADE CARS

Standard (Indian automobile)The Standard is an Indian brand of automobile which was produced by Standard Motor Products in Madras from 1949 to 1988. Indian Standards were variations of vehicles made in the U.K. by Standard-Triumph. After being formed in 1947, their first product was the Vanguard,
Indian built Vanguard II
An Indian Pennant, called a Standard 10
which began to be assembled in 1949. From 1955, versions of the Standard Eight and Ten were produced, with ever increasing local content. The Pennant joined in 1959, although it too was curiously branded "Standard 10" and devoid of bootlid trimwork. The Tens and later Heralds and Gazels all used versions of the 948 cc Standard-Triumph four-cylinder engine. In 1961 production began of the Triumph Herald, known as the Standard Herald in India
1965 Standard Herald Mark 1

1965 Standard Herald Mark I

Mark II Gazel, with smaller bonnet==========Standard Motor Company england [parent company]

Mark II Gazel, with smaller bonnet