China-Scorpions to be fried- Beijing [[ MADHURA MANOHARA MANONJNA CHINA-SANG- "SOME" IN KERALA 1950]]

starfish on a stick, waiting to be fried.
Hong Kong Eats
Stinky tofu $9 HKD each and curry squid
roasted macadamian nuts in the shell, mini mango, asian pear, and "snake fruit"
Lian Bu (custard apple?) and Star fruit
"Pomelo Skin with Shrimp Powder" $90 HKD
Xen Coffee in Quarry Bay, MTR exit A in Manley Plaza. Siphon Coffee expertly made on demand with freshly individually ground coffee
Snake soup stand in Yau Ma Tei. Snake porridge for $30 HKD
Goose Leg over Rice from "Praise House" in Shatin. Leg is $15 extra when requested. Otherwise the dish is about $35 HKD. excellent BBQ pork, too, over quality rice.
BBQ Pork Rice from "Praise House" in Shatin. $35 HKD
Another Roast Goose Leg rice from Shatin, just down the street from Praise House.
Soy sauce Goose specialist in Wanchai in the back alleys. Good, but had bits of broken bones. To the right is goose liver and goose gizzard, one each sliced.
Live crabs from the Phillipins. You chose which one, it is butchered right there and cooked Bi Feng Tang style from this side of the road place, Choi Kee, in the area between Wanchai and Causeway Bay.
Choi Kee's fatty crab
Lamma island Doufu Hua (soft soy custard) $7 from Ada in Wanchai, a food stand from which I get my dinner/nightcap for $23.
one of the many courses in "La Taste"'s Dinner for Two menu. Vietnamese restaurant in Central. Excellent big-head shrimp (not pictured here , but the ones fried and split into two) soft and tender like lobster...
La Taste's (Central's MTR exit D2, right turn, straight, cross one main street, up the hill, take a right on Stanley street) multi-course dinner for two. $328 HKD only (I kept asking per person or for both?! It's for both) Other memorable dishes: pho, padang leave wrapped beef (the chef explained the process for this one in detail, involving fresh fruit puree, deep fried then grilled to prevent moisture lost....etc)
mini coconut macaroon tarts
special dessert from Super Star dim sum. The name is something called "egg yolk quick sand bun". fantastic when still warm. The thousand-layer cake was also outstanding:light and fragrant.
Taiwanese style sausages in North Point: Squid ink, shrimp with wasabi, Flying fish roe. $12 HKD each. deiicious!
Taiwanese style seafood sausage in North Point.

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Hong Kong Reports Mainland Chinese Eating Infants

The Next Magazine
Mar 29, 2007

You have to be kidding right? Unfortunately this is really happening!

The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong, reported that infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies. In Guangdong, gourmet body parts are in high demand and can even be purchased through hospitals. The magazine's investigations into this form of cannibalism took them to Liaoning province.

According to The Next Magazine, during a banquet hosted by a Taiwanese businessman, a servant Ms Liu from Liaoning province on the mainland inadvertently revealed the habit of eating infants/fetuses in Liaoning province and her intention to return for the supplement due to health concerns. The Taiwanese women present were horrified.

Ms Liu also disclosed that even though people can afford the human parts there are still waiting lists and those with the right connections get the "highest quality" human parts, which translates to the more mature fetuses. A male fetus is considered the "prime" human part.

At the The Next Magazine's request, Ms Liu personally escorted the reporter to a location where a fetus was being prepared. The reporter observed a woman chopping up a male fetus and making soup from the placenta. During the process, the woman even tried to comfort everyone by saying, "Don't be afraid, this is just the flesh of a higher animal."

The boy's remains were cremated in the mountains in accordance with the customs of the region.

In fact, in China, reports about meals made from infant flesh have surfaced from time to time. A video is on the Internet for people to view. In the introduction, the Chinese claim that eating a human fetus is an art form.

On March 22, 2003, police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province seized 28 female babies smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province going to Houzhou in Anhui Province. The oldest baby was only three months old. The babies were packed three or four to a bag and many of them were near death�none were claimed by their parents.

On the morning of October 9, 2004, a person rifling through the garbage on the outskirts of Jiuquan city in the Suzhou region, found dismembered babies in a dumpster. There were two heads, two torsos, four arms, and six legs. According to the investigation, these corpses were no more than a week old and they had been dismembered after cooking.

Although China has laws that prohibit the eating of human fetus, the regime's forced abortions to ensure the one child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these sorts of atrocities to occur.

What would make people do such a thing without any fear of condemnation? Since Mao's Cultural Revolution, a complete lack of morality and respect for human life has become the norm in China. Over time, domination by the Chinese Communist regime has led to inhuman behavior and human rights violations resulting in abnormal practices such as cannibalism.

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