Chícalas (roasted ants) from Oaxaca;mexico. Chícalas are large black ants that have been toasted on a grill or in a frying pan.

Escamoles:- Escamoles are ant lavae or eggs that are used to prepare different dishes. Seasonal and hard-to-find escamoles can go for as high as $30 to $50 a pound, and can be thought of as similar to caviar

Chinicuiles:- Maguey worms Gusanos de maguey (chinicuiles) are edible caterpillars that live in the maguey and agave plants. They are considered a delicacy and are often eaten raw, toasted or crushed in a spicy red salsa.

Chapulines:-chapulines-for-sale.jpgA chapulín is a big grasshopper. You can eat a handful as a snack or enjoy then combined with other foods


 drinking snake blood in vietnam ,cambodia

making wine from snake:-(china)

snake and scorpion wine vietnam:-

Drinking Cobra Wine in Vietnam and china :-

Cobra heart eaten while still beating (VIETNAM) 


Grilled dog on the menu in Nanning China 

madhura manohara mononja china(a song sung by Indian communists praising china in 1950)

South Africa's national lottery is claiming an unlikely victim: vultures. Local people -- convinced these birds' superb eyesight gives them the gift to see the future -- are eating vulture meat to acquire the power of clairvoyance." — Robin McKie; Vulture Numbers Are Cut to the Bone; The Observer (London, UK); Jul 16, 2006.