CARS FROM 1890 TO 1906

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From 1861-1929

1867 Curtis Steamer

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Sylvester Roper on his 1861 Steamer
The first authenticated automobile in the US
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1863 Simmonds Steamer
1896 Walkins Electric High Wheeler
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Driving an automobile required a high degree to technical dexterity, mechanical skill, special clothing including hat, gloves, duster coat, goggles and boots. Tires were notoriously unreliable and changing one was an excruciating experience. Fuel was a problem, since gasoline was in short supply

The drivers of the day were an adventurous lot, going out in every kind of weather, unprotected by an enclosed body, or even a convertible top. Everyone in town knew who owned what car and the cars were soon to become each individuals token of identity.

The Ford Quadricycle

The dirt roads were a challenge in any weather.before the roads were tarred

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By 1910 Winfield paved the downtown streets with brick, horses were no longer welcome. The mule drawn trolleys were upgraded to electric streetcars.

1885 GERMANY -FIRST 'WOODEN MOTOR CYCLE'Gottllieb Daimler's workshop in Bad Cannstatt where he built the wooden motorcycle shown. Daimler's son Paul rode this motorcycle from Cannstatt to Unterturkheim and back on November 10, 1885

1890 Ransom E. Olds had built his second steam powered car

1893 the car built by Charles and Frank Duryea,:-[ Duryea was the first auto manufacturer with their 13 cars.]

1893 Duryea
First Duryea automobile by Heather Brandon.

Henry Ford had an engine running by 1893 :-

Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co.
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The first closed circuit automobile race held at Narragansett Park, Rhode Island, in September 1896. :-

1896-Ransom Eli Olds is at the tiller of his first petrol powered car. Riding beside him is Frank G. Clark, who built the body and in the back are their wives.:-

The Curved Dash Oldsmobile had a single cylinder engine, tiller steering and chain drive. It sold for $650. In 1901 600 were sold and the next years were 1902 - 2,500, 1903 - 4,000, 1904 - 5,000.;-

wpe222.jpg (18623 bytes)1898 General Electric
1899 Electromagnetic Steamer
1900 Strathmore Steam Surrey:-
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1900 Edward S. Clark Delivery Wagon:-
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1898 Grout Gasoline Stanhope:-
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In 1899 and 1900, electrics outsold all other type of cars and the most popular electric was the Columbia built by Colonel Albert Augustus Pope, owner of American Bicycle Company;-

1898 Duryea Delivery Wagon

1898 Duryea Physician's Wagon

1901 Grout Stanhope

1901 Grout Light Delivery Van

1899 Eclipse Runabout

1901 American Daimler Delivery Van
1900 Mobile Steamer Runabout

1902 Binney-Burnham Nine passenger Surrey bus

1898 Columbia Stanhope
1903 Locomobile Six Passenger Touring

Electric CaR 1904

This Daimler of 1899 was owned by Lionel Rothchild. The European design is much advanced of the American designs of the same time. Gottlieb Daimler took part in the London-to-Brighton run in 1896 but died in 1900 at the age of 66 without ever meeting Benz.:-

1903, in Winfield,Kansas ;the first car in town. Acutally it was more like a truck and was used to haul customers out to see land

electric car 1904:-

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1903 Racer
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Rolls royce 1904




The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost of 1906 :-

The 1908 Haynes in the back ground shows the rapid development of the petrol powered car when compared to the 1894 model in the foreground. in just about 10 years!

Steam power was widely used in the 1880's and 1890's on the farms of America. Cowley County had its share of these behemoths and had a large group of people with the ability to use, and the skill to fix and repair them. The smaller, less expensive automobile, with an internal combustion engine provided a new avenue of interest that was much more personal than the steam engine with its team of attendants.

Mr. Martin Baden of Winfield, Kansas and his new eight-cylinder Cadillac roadster. This car was especially built for Mr. Baden,

By 1915 racing had become a passion all over the United States.

Eventually the automobile change the face of small town America;and the world.

De Dion Bouton coupe

1904 Welch Model 4-0 Closed Coupled Touring:-
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1904 Baker Electric
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1904 Oldsmoile Brougham
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1904 Holsman High Wheel

autos1646.jpg (21469 bytes)1904 Oldsmoble Gasolineautos107.jpg (64109 bytes)

1904 Knox Touring Model Tudor
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1904 Buick Touring
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1904 Winton
1904 Winton
1904 Pope Waverly
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1904 Black Buggy Prototyp

1904 White Model D
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1904 Premier Model F Runabout
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1904 Packard Tonneau
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1904 Imperial Rodgers Doctor's Car:-
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1904 Mack 15 "Manhatton" Passenger Bus
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Lyman Automobile Co1904
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1904 Pope Robinson Touring Car

1904 Fey Touring
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1905 Apperson Side Entrance Tonneau wth Cover
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1905 Columbus Electric
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1905 Detroit Small Car, 54 inch body

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1905 Acme Opera Limousine

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1905 Indian Tri-Car
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1906 Success High Wheeler

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1906 Orient Buckboard
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1906 Gale
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1906 Deere Touring
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1906 Gearless Touring

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1906 General Vehicle Bus
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1906 Walker Runabout

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1906 Maxwell-Brisco
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1905 Horseless truck

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autos4541.jpg (22310 bytes)1898 J.W. Piper and G.M. inker American Steamer
1900 Orient Autogo:-
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1906 Orient Buckboard
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1900 Loomis Runabout
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1910 Plan
1909 Metz Plan Roadster

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Liquid Air Power and Automobile Co.1899-1900

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1905 100 Horse Power Racer
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1905 Buffum Roadster with rumble seat
1905 Buffum Four Cylinder Runabout
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1904 Matheson Touring, Henry Ford Driving

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1906 Grout Gasoline Touring
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1910 Knox Limosuine
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1901 Springfield Delivery Van

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1912 Reeves Sexto-octo Eight Wheeler
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1912 Bailey Coupe

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1914 Bailey Touring, top up
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1905 Grout Touring
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C.E.Woods Electric Co. Landaulet 1896

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C.E. Woods Electric Co. Delivery Van

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1896 Winton Four-Person Automobile

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1909 Crown High Wheeler

1917: "The 2-ton Republic Truck

1909 Browniekar
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1901 Autocar Co.

Four Passenger High Wheelers