Tellicherry on the coast of Malabar--Artist: Forbes, James Medium: Engraving Date: 1813

Tellicherry on the coast of Malabar

Plate thirty-two from the first volume of James Forbes'"Oriental Memoirs". In 1772, Forbes(1749-1819) was appointed Warehousekeeper at the factory in Anjengo, Travancore in South India. His journey to the South of India took him through the coastal towns of Tellicherry, Calicut and Cochin. Here, Forbes(1749-1819)illustrates a view of Tellicherry, founded in 1683 as the major trade-centre for pepper and cardamom in India. Forbes noted, 'The drawing was taken from a ship in the road, and gives a view of this pleasant and healthy settlement, extending from Tellicherry to Maylan, a fort about a mile distant.'The flourishing pepper trade was controlled from this fort built by the British in 1708.