Meenmooty River. No.2. [Travancore]--Photographer: D'Cruz, Zachariah Medium: Photographic print Date: 1900

Meenmooty River. No.2. [Travancore]

Photograph taken about 1900 by the Government photographer, Zacharias D'Cruz of a view of the Minmutti cataract, in South Travancore. It is one of 76 prints in an album entitled 'Album of South Indian Views' of the Curzon Collection. George Nathaniel Curzon was Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office between 1895-98 and Viceroy of India between 1898-1905.The Kallada river is the third largest river in Travancore. It is a union of five large streams issusing from the mountainous valleys of the Ghauts flowing through the Taluqs of Pattanapuram, Kunnattur, Kottarakara and Quilon. The main branch rises in the most southerly of these valleys and is formed by numerous straems that rise on the elevated plateau stretching from the Alvarkurichi peak to Chemmunji. Flowing west it is joined by several small streams and after leaving the Kulattupuzha valley proper and running 5 miles passes the Kulattupuzha village stutated on its left bank. Here the river is about 80 yards wide. Three miles lower down its is precipitated over the Minmutti cataract, the water rushing with immense velocity.