Industrial School of Arts [Trivandrum]--Photographer: D'Cruz, Zachariah Medium: Photographic print Date: 1900

[Trivandrum]Photograph taken about 1900 by the Government photographer, Zacharias D'Cruz of the Industrial School of Arts, Trivandrum. It is one of 76 prints in an album entitled 'Album of South Indian Views' of the Curzon Collection'. George Nathaniel Curzon was Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office between 1895-98 and Viceroy of India between 1898-1905. A 'School of Arts' was established by the Travancore Government in Trivandrum in 1862-63. In 1872-73, a small establishment of carving in ivory under the direction of a Brahmin. In 1890, the School was named an 'Industrial School' and secured the services of two potters from the Madras School of Arts. A separate building was provided for the School. Later painting and photography was added to the Arts branch and a smithy to the Industrial branch. A weaving class was added in 1901-02.