Railway: Negotiations for the Travancore-Tinnevelly and the Shoranore-Ernakulam Branch Railways were completed in 1073 M.E. (1897-98). The construction of other Travancore Branches of the S.I.R. was commenced in 1075 M. E. (1899-1900). The Tinnevelly- Quilon extension was almost completed and the line from Quilon to Punalar opened for traffic in 1079 M.E. (1904). But owing to the slips that occurred during the heavy rains of that year through communication was, not established till the end of November next. The total cost of constructing the Travancore Branch of the line was Rs. 1,57,71,766. The survey of a line from Quilon to Trivandrurn was completed in 1086 M.E. (1910-11) and the line was opened for traffic on the lst January 1918. The survey of a line from Quilon to Ernakulam was started. A coastal line from Quilon to Cochin via Alleppey was also under consideration.
The survey for the extension of the Railway from Trivandrum to Nagarcoil, which was commenced in 1098 M.E., was completed in 1100 M.E. (1924-25) along with that for the extension of the line from Chakkay to the heart of Trivandrum town. The reconnaissance survey of the coastal line from Mavelikara to Cochin via Alleppey was started in 1102 M.E. (1926-27). The plans and estimates for the extension from Chakkay to Thampanur were also completed and the work sanctioned in the same year. A special staff was sanctioned in 1105 M.E. (1929-30) for the preparation of the estimates and plans of all the railway lines surveyed. The State has now 98 miles of railway excluding the portion of the Ernakulam-Shoranore Railway passing through Travancore te