Mahadevar Temple, ancient temple at chengannur -kerala



literally means military formations or rows of army, but in this folk art we have mainly a series of divine and semi-divine impersonations wearing huge masks or kolams of different shapes, colours and desingns painted on the stalks of arecanut fronds


Koothambalam is a theater hall for staging Koothu and Koodiyattam, the ancient dramatic art forms of Kerala, India. It is considered as sacred as the temple sanctum itself. It is constructed within the premises of a Temple

kaazhcha seeveli

The practice of taking the idol of Gods to outside the sanctum sanctorum every day is known as


the deity is carried on top of elephant

There are different types of seevelis like Ethritha Seeveli, Uccha(noon) Seeveli and Athazha(dinner=night) Seeveli

kodimaram(temple flag post)with flag

Hindu Agama Shastras compare a Temple to the human body.

Just as an individual soul is enveloped by five košas or sheaths - (Annamova, Prãnamaya, Manomaya, Vynãnamaya and Ãnandamaya) - the Deity installed in the Temple (representing the Supreme Spirit) is also enveloped by five prãkaras

Just as our gross body has five sections - head, neck, chest, legs and feet - a Temple also has five corresponding sections.

The Garbhagriham or sanctum Santorum represents the head;
the Sanctum is the Soul or the Jiva of the body;
the Vimana over the Sanctum represents the tip of the nose.
Ardhamandap in front of the Sanctum represents the neck;
Mahã Mandapam, the chest;
Prakaras around the Sanctum represents our five senses:
the palibida where nivedana is offered to the deity represents the naval;

the kodimaram represents the jeevadhara;

Mahadevar Temple In Chengannur

is one of the oldest and famous temple. It is a sprawling temple complex with a circular Sanctum. Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi are the main investitures of this temple.
There are two main Shrines in this temple.
Lord Shiva facing East and Devi facing West. The main shrine is a conical copper plated one.

Devi's main Idol is made with an alloy of five metals "Panchalokham". The other sub-investitures of the temple are Ganapathi, Lord Ayyappan, SreeKrishnan, Chandikeswaran, Neelagrivan, Ganga, and Naagar