1830 king swathi thirunal and animal sports

To the Trivandrum stables was attached a menagerie where royal tigers panthers, cheetahs, deer, boars and all sorts of wild animals which abound in the Travancore forests were collected and caged. and latterly, a lioness which had been imported from Africa into the French settlement at Mahe, was purchased and added to the collection of animals.A large and spacious cow-stall was constructed within the Trivandrum fort, near the palace, wherein the finest cows and bulls of the country were stalled in addition to a good number of Surat, Cuzerat and Nellore cows and bulls, and to complete the collection and breed, a beautiful English cow, with two calves, was procured direct from England.Birds of all kinds, indigenous and foreign, were collected, and they had a place both in the managerie and the palace.The wild and ferocious animals were not only kept for sight-seers, but for purposes of sham sport. For this purpose, strong nets of a circular form were hung on deeply driven stakes, within which, several sorts of wild and fierce animals were let in one by one, and the Maha Rajah and all the spectators were amused and interested by seeing the movements and the fighting of the animals, while a number of huntsmen and others, surrounded the circle, equipped with spears, lances, and fire arms, ready to fall upon any animal which might accidently escape out of the nets.
"The above arena seen in the photo which is near trivandrum beach was used for such animal sports( a model of which can be seen in the palace of king swathi thirunal at puthen(kuthira maalika)"