J&K cops angry over Mehbooba government’s ‘exercise restraint’ order

| | Updated: Jun 18, 2017, 08.44 AM IST


  • “The PDP-headed govt[+ BJP] has a soft corner for separatists who preach hatred against police,” said an angry police officer.
  • The numbers of cops killed has seen a rise over the last two years.
  • Last year, 82 policemen were felled and this year has witnessed 20 deaths already.
Police officials and locals pay tribute to six police personnel who were killed by Lashkir-e-Taiba militants, in Anantnag. (PTI Photo)
J&K cops angry over Mehbooba government’s ‘exercise restraint’ order

SRINAGAR: Saturday saw another big fat terrorist funeral in Kashmir. Hundreds of villagers, some carrying Pakistani flags, attended the funeral of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Junaid Mattoo, who was killed in an encounter at Arwin+ in Kulgam on Friday, even as dozens of terrorists fired assault rifles in the air.

And, barely 22km from Mattoo's village, in Awantipora in Pulwama district, was another much quieter funeral of a 26-year-old policeman who was one of the six killed by the LeT+ to avenge Mattoo. The faces of the six were also mutilated.

"Feroz had committed no crime and yet they killed him," sobbed the mother of deceased SHO Feroz Dar. She blamed Pakistan for her son's death.

SHO Feroz Ahmad Dar+ , along with five other policemen, was killed on Friday in a gruesome ambush in Achabal in Anantnag district by suspected LeT terrorists who tried to disfigure their faces before walking away with their weapons.

A colleague said, "Feroz had invited his family to Shopian a few days ago for a reunion, but instead they got the news of his killing."

Besides the expression of grief, there was also anger among the state force at the administration's directions to "exercise restraint" in dealing with terrorism in the valley.

Senior officers, who wished to remain anonymous, said the Mehbooba government had issued instructions to police to exercise maximum restraint while dealing with terrorists.

"The PDP-headed government owes a lot to the Jamiat-e-Islami workers for winning the polls in 2014 and, therefore, the government has a soft corner for separatists and secessionists who preach hatred against police," said an angry police officer.

There was also no cop or paramilitary jawan visible during Mattoo's funeral. Another slain constable Sabzar Ahmad was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard at Nowgam in Shopian.

The 25-year-old was married only six weeks ago. Constable Shahzad Dilwar Sofi of Bandipora, killed at Hydrepora by car-borne terrorists, is survived by nine-month-old twin male infants and his wife.

Shahzad's wife, Safina Farooq, was grief-stricken. "We got married only two years ago. Shahzad was also a graduate with B-Ed but joined the police force for better livelihood a few years ago," cried Safina.

A village elder, Ghulam Mohammad Parray, was incensed at the terrorists for killing a "gentle soul like Shahzad". "Why are such good people being killed by these terrorists?" asked the 85-year-old Parray.

Police authorities decided to donate a day's salary of the entire state police force to the families of the deceased policemen killed since January this year in various terrorist attacks.

The numbers of cops killed has seen a rise over the last two years. Last year, 82 policemen were felled and this year has witnessed 20 deaths already.

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Goverment must stop ceremonial creamation of criminals.Dr Rajani K Rajnish

Comparatively, in 2012, the number of policemen killed was 15; which rose to 53 in 2013; 47 in 2014, and reduced again to 39 in 2015. "Police casualties have increased compared to a few years ago. How long can we be expected to tolerate such attacks? The terrorists sometimes even attack our families," the officer said.

But, DGP Shesh Paul Vaid described the attacks on policemen as the actions of frustrated terrorists. "Police play a key role in anti-terror operations, which is why they are being targeted," Vaid said, adding, "This won't continue, as we are taking all measures to bring the situation under control soon."
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Dr Rajani K Rajnish
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Goverment must stop ceremonial creamation of criminals.

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siba Prasad
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Govt is waste in functioning at valley. Communal actions across country and our top leaders keep visiting foreign countries. Is these politicians to remain in country or to kick out. They have crossed all limits. No jobs people are angry will give suitable reply in election. Only master in fake speeches.
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striver B
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All Kashmiri politicians are crooked. I believe only the security agencies there. These are our loyal brothers. Many so called activists are nothing but proxies of Porkistan. Have you ever noticed one thing here? It's a huge plan - if a voice is against separatists it will silenced. But if ou voice for the separatists you will become rich. So many are doing this as full time job! More money plus benefits - like free security cover from tax payer.
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ldbhatia68a Bhatia
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Money is reaching various groups in Kashmir
through manifold sources. That's why ultras
entrenched in the capital and surrounding areas
are having an upper hand at present.
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J&K has become a big pain.... I think the whole issue boils down to article 370....Not just to rest of India, the life for Kashmiris too would have been much better without it. Due to article 370 J&K has a special status wherein non Kashmiris cannot own land, the state remains autonomous and hence also isolated from rest of the country... So we end up with a concentration of people which is homogenous in terms of thoughts, religion, beliefs etc... It's then very easy for people to influence their ... Read More

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True afacts
J&K Problems EASY TO SOLVE.. 1) Move 15 million ARMED Trained Yadavs, Biharis, Sikhs, Hindus to J&K... 2) Remove 370 article.. 3) Remove Security for Separatists & Te#RR0R1STS Sympathizers. 4) ARMY like USA,Russia,Israil,China Rule,CRUSH, Ruthlessly Eliminate Te#RR0R1STS & Naxals, ANTI-National Sympathizers Masters... For 20 Yrs DESOLVE Democracy & Retarded Voting, BANN Poor Farmers Uneducated Dalits Vote bank Politics, and CRUSH Te#RR0R1STS & Naxals DEVELOP INDIA, Build India like CHINA.. We know ... Read More

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