Saint Thomas Christians in the Shaping of Modern Kerala

saint Thomas Christians in the Shaping of Modern Kerala

It is obvious that there were multiple players and actors cutting across the boundaries of caste, creed and gender who actually took Kerala to the threshold of modernity and generally speaking no community, party or collectivity can claim exclusive monopoly in taking up its leadership. Read more:

Ikkako Kathanar -the forgotten martyr

 Centuries before, an incident shook both the land of Malabar and the Saint Thomas Christian community; the murder of one of their priests, Ikkako Kathanar, by European missionaries at the church in Verapoly (Varappuzha). Read more:

MS Vatican Syriac 22 & MS Vatican Syriac 17: Syriac Manuscripts copied in South India

There are many documents available from 14th century onwards which gives precise information about the Indian Christian community and the Bishops of India Read more:

Mission of Saint Bartholomew, the Apostle in India

Two ancient testimonies exist about the mission of Saint Bartholomew in India. These are of Eusebius of Caesarea ( early forth century) and of Saint Jerome ( late forth century) Read more:

Saint Thomas Christians- Chronological Events from first century to twenty first century. Read more:

Kerala Syrian Christian, Apostle in India, The tomb of the Apostle, Persian Church, Syond of Diamper – Coonan Cross Oath, Subsequent divisions and the Nasrani People

The origin of Syriac Christianity in India is closely connected with the evangelization of India by the Apostle Saint Thomas. Read more:

Pesaha Celebration of Nasranis: A socio- cultural analysis

This paper presents the results of research on the Pesaha tradition of Saint Thomas Christians of India (Mar Toma Nasranis or Nasranis) in the context of its socio-cultural aspects. Read more:
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