Idle wharf at Vizhinjam port led to a loss of Rs 8.87 crore

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A newly constructed wharf at Vizhinjam port at a cost of Rs 8.87 crore could not be used due to structural defects and lack of infrastructure facilities.

"The port department reported some major structural defects in the wharf four years ago and could not use it. There was also non-availability of facilities like compound wall, transit shed and storage facility for the newly constructed wharf,'' the CAG report said.

The report said that on a request by the ports department, the government had constituted a technical committee -- headed by an IIT Chennai professor -- to conduct a safety audit of the wharf.

The committee had recommended rectification measures -- costing Rs 87 lakh -- to strengthen the wharf. The government while accepting the recommendations directed the chief engineer of the harbour engineering department to carry out the rectification works.

"The contractor rectified some defects like crack on the columns, but refused to rectify the remaining recommended items -- stating that the recommendations included additional strengthening which was outside the purview of the contract agreement,'' the report said.

"Thus, a new wharf constructed at a cost of Rs 8.87 crore could not be used due to non-rectification of defects and lack of infrastructure facilities,'' the CAG report said.
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