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Dehri Rohtas Light Railway's locomotive number 5 on 14th January 1980. This is an 0-6-2T built by Avonside of Bristol as their number 1856 in 1920. and was one of four similar locos built by Avonside for the DRLR between 1902 and 1920. (Mick Pope)

Dehri Rohtas Light Railway's locomotive number 6. Another Avonside product but this one being an 0-6-4T, works number 1982 of 1926. It is seen on special train arranged for the Industrial Railway Society, again taken on 14th January 1980. (Mick Pope)

A 2'6" gauge 0-6-0T built by Baldwin, works number 50789/1918 at Kalyanpur Lime & Cement, Banjari, Rohtas district, Bihar on 14th January 1980. This loco was obtained second hand in 1933. It was originally No 7 on the Bengal Provinces Railway. (Mick Pope)

Two locos of the Bombay Port Trust A class locomotives. Numbers 19 (Naysmyth Wilson 1363, built 1921) and (Naymsyth Wilson 1360 also built 1921) were part of the 30 strong A class 2-6-0T locos built by Naysmyth Wilson and Vulcan Foundry between 1913 and 1922. Taken in late 1979. (Mick Pope)

Bombay Port Trust's Wadala shed during the IRS visit in late 1979. Seen in this view is A class loco number 21 (Naysmyth Wilson 1365/1921). (Mick Pope)

A shot of Bombay Port Trust A class locos 16 and 19 taking a train to the exchange sidings of Indian Railways on the IRS visit of January 1980. (Mick Pope)

More BPT A class locos. Here 14 (Naysmyth Wilson 1111 of 1915) and 29 (Vulcan Foundry 3574 of 1922) sit withdrawn from service at Wadala shed on 4th March 1980. (David Churchill)

More modern traction on the BPT system. Number 50 (CLC 3036/1961) is one of seven 0-6-0DH 320hp locos delivered by the Canadian Locomotive Co for the Bombay Port system in 1961. Taken on 4th March 1980. (David Churchill)

BPT number 37 (Hen 29549/1957) at Wadala shed on 4th March 1980. This is one of ten Henschel DH440 type locos delivered to the BPT. The same type of loco was delivered to Indian Railways where they were classified as WDSx. (David Churchill)

BPT 35 (Hen 29547/1957) and 44 (CLC 3018/1961) head an oil train on 4th March 1980. 44 was one of three B-BDH supplied by the Canadian Locomotive company to be used a hump shunters by the BPT. They replaced two 2-10-2T locos supplied by Naysmyth Wilson in 1922. (David Churchill)

BPT 50 again in company of 45 (CLC 3019/1961) both dead at Wadala shed on 4th March 1980. (David Churchill)

Calcutta Port Trust number 43 (Mits 874/1956) was part of a batch of twenty 0-6-2T locos delivered from Mitsubishi of Japan in 1955 and 1956. There were 45 locomotives of the same design delivered to CPT between 1945 and 1956. The design originated from the Hunslet Engine Co who delivered the first 13 locos and then further batches were built by Hunslet, Henschel and Mitsubishi. Taken during an IRS visit on 5th January 1980 (Mick Pope)

Another view of CPT No 43 along with two other locos of the same class taken during the IRS visit of 5th January 1980. (Mick Pope)

D53 (CLC 3013/1961) at Calcutta Port Trust's Hide Road shed with an unidentified 0-6-0DH CLC loco. D53 was one of ten B-BDH locos supplied by CLC to Cacutta Port Trust, they are the same as the locos supplied to Bombay Port Trust. Taken 1st March 1979. (David Churchill)

An unidentified 0-6-2T loco at Calcutta Port Trust on 1st March 1979. (David Churchill)

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