ANCIENT KERALA ARCHITECTURE MOSQUE-The story of Islam in Kerala is a story of organic assimilation, best exemplified by the older mosques

A mosque in the Malabar Coast in the period 1919-1929. Note the traditional architecture very similar to any other structure in the region. The influx of money from the Gulf replaced these with the dome structure,  removing a big cultural legacy that was essentially a trademark of the integration of the Mappila community into the society in Kerala



Story of Islam in Kerala:-

                                                   Jama Masjid, Thazhathangad[1000 YEAR OLD]

                                         VALIYA JUMA MASJID, MALAPPURAM.

                                            Ponnani Juma Masjid ( 600 years Old Mosque)

nd is open to people.

The Miskal mosque, Kozhikode, with its pond.

The ornate wooden motifs of the Jama Masjid.


A model of the older structure of the Cheraman mosque.

"Origins of Islam in Malabar"
from an Arabic manuscript of the
 Tuhfat-ul-Mujahideen published by
The Historic society of Hyderabad