“End of an era”--H.H.The Maharaja of Dhrangadhra-Halvad, KCIE (1923-2010):-- The Last Ruling Indian Prince and Knight of the british Indian Empire

The Maharaja of 
H.H The brief but glorious period  style the ‘Raj Renaissance’, the flowering of an intoxicating blend of the richest cultural, institutional and intellectual legacies of East and West. As comfortable in turban and jewels seated upon the gadi (throne) in his ornate palace as he was decked in white-tie speeding around Oxford in his blue jaguar, His Highness might have been casually dismissed as another playboy prince; but his erudition and deep intellectual curiosity, his committed public service and concern for his peoples’ welfare, and his kind-hearted nature and generosity of spirit gave short-shrift to such unfair comparison. His passion for heraldry, genealogy and chivalry provided further evidence that this was a peerless prince.