story of Nilambur narrow guage Train kerala 1850; before it was dismantled


NILAMBUR TRAIN. It was one among the oldest trains of the ROYAL BRITISH RAILWAY in India,dated back to early 1850 s

Made for the EAST INDIA COMPANY mainly to transport NILAMBUR TEAK to the ports for construction of ship masts; and was exported  to London

 The railway was unfortunately dismantled during second world war for need of Iron…was reconstructed only after independence by Indian Railway again mainly for timber transport,with a few compartmens for public use

{THe railway line connecting Nilambur to Shoranur junction was constructed only to transport teak from Nilambur forests to Cochin and other harbours. Since the availability of teak from natural forests was not adequate, the idea of raising plantations was considered by the British.

The line from Ernakulam to Shoranur was laid by the then Maharaja of Cochin, back in 1902 as a meter gauge line. The line connected Cochin state to the railway line laid by the British, connecting Madras (now Chennai) to Tellicherry }