The first printing press in INDIA;the firstbook printed in any Indian language;the first book printed in Malayalam

Guttenberg – the German genius found out the printing technology. The first bookever printed was the Bible in Latin in the year 1456

The origin of printing in Malabar was by sheer luck. A printing press was sent fromPortugal to Abyssinia. The ship carrying the press, happened to reach Malabar coast. TheJesuits did not return the press.They erected it ,

at Ambazhakad in kerala in 1556 -the first printing press in INDIA

Doctrina Christum, a Latin book by St. Francis Xavier was the first publication fromAmbazhakad. A Tamil version of Doctrina Christum, by name 'Thampuran Vanakkam' waspublished in 1578.

Thampuran Vanakkam: Christian Doctrine in Malabar Tamil

Front Cover
Publication Division, University of Calicut, 2005 - 52 pages
On Christian doctrine as it viewed by Catholic Church
It was the first book printed in any Indian language.

Strangely, the firstbook printed in any Indian language from Malabar happened to be a Tamil one.

Jesuit Priest Johanus Gonsalvus carved out the ‘Malabar’ Alphabet. 

Father Hendrickpublished Malayalam version of Doctrina Christum and 'Thampuran Vanakam' by name 'Christava Vanakkam' in 1579.

It was the first book printed in Malayalam