double-decker boat with overcrowding of upper deck capsize due to change of 'center of gravity'

Thekkady (Kerala), Oct 5 : the boat that capsized last week in the lake here killing 45 people

The double-Decker boat, owned by the state-run Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) was pressed into service last month.

Sometimes when going round a corner, a double-Decker bus appears to be about to keel over The position of the centre of gravity would also be affected by the number of passengers, their mass and their distribution in the bus

similarly when people crowd on upper deck of a boat the boat center of gravity goes up and the boat capsize

what we have seen from the photo of the boat ;the upper deck looks too high ;with the possibility of the center of gravity already shifted upwards ;even without people on it

so the design of the boat may have to be checked to see whether the upper Deck is too high compared to lower deck

Also greed to pocket the money the extra money from the 15 people taken illegaly ; SHOWS THAT THERE IS CORRUPTION INVOLVED

Rules are to be enforced strictly no extra passenger should crowd;run; to see wild animals