Aladdin and computer -- then and now

Before the arrival of computers people used to believe in magic lamps and rings ,which fulfils wishes in a second
children were told stories of ALADDIN and his magic lamp (wising lamp) stories of sorcerers with magic rings ; stories of people getting rich by magic lamp;stories of even people flying or becoming kings of far of lands and marrying a princess etc .
But not many believed such stories except the small children

with the arrival of computers i have seen that impossible happening now.
one click on the mouse can make you travel to distant lands on the computer.just one click and a picture is put as background for the screen of the monitor.instant fulfilment of wishes as in Aladdin's time .
soon there will be even holographic computer screens with technology to touch ,smell,taste or anything which one wants to do ;of the object on the screen

Aladdin and his magic lamp lost out to modern technology .