Is Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork packer and hog producer, linked to the outbreak? Smithfield operates massive hog-raising operations Perote, Mexico, in the state of Vera Cruz, where the outbreak originated. The operations, grouped under a Smithfield subsidiary called Granjas Carroll, raise 950,000 hogs per year.

Residents [of Perote] believed the outbreak had been caused by contamination from pig breeding farms located in the area. They believed that the farms, operated by Granjas Carroll, polluted the atmosphere and local water bodies, which in turn led to the disease outbreak. According to residents, the company denied responsibility for the outbreak and attributed the cases to “flu

the possible link to Smithfield has not been reported in the U.S. press

whether or not this swine flu outbreak is tied to the Smithfield owned CAFO, huge confined animal operations(ANIMAL FACTORIES) are a health risk to the humans near-by as well as the animals kept in over-crowded, unsanitary, unnatural conditions

the NY Times does mention this CAFO in its article:-[] "In Mexico, state health authorities looking for the initial source of the outbreak toured a million-pig hog farm in Perote, in Veracruz State. The plant is half-owned by Smithfield Foods, an American;company and the world's largest pork producer. Mexico's first known swine flu case, which was later confirmed, was from Perote, according to Health Minister Jos. The case involved a 5-year-old boy who recovered