Tribal dance of Wayanad ,kerala

About 'Tribal dance of Wayanad'

Kerala has a huge sizeable population extending itself into about 40 types of tribes. Districts like Wayanad and Kasaragod have the largest tribal population.

Tribal art has already found a place in the rich cultural legacy of Kerala with its originality and essentially folk nature.

Kurichiyar Nayadi, Mullakurumbar, Uralikurumbar, Paniya Mudaga, Irula, Kadar, Muthuvan, Kanikkar, Paliyan, Malavedan, Vettuvar, Veda and Malayan are some of the prominent tribes in Kerala.

Each of these tribes has unique dance forms, essentially connected with their social life.

Elelakkaradi, Kadarkali, Kurumbarkali, Paniyarkali, Edayarkali, Mudiyattom and Vedarkali are some dance forms popular among the tribes of Kerala and most of these are performed as part of familial or social affairs like marriage and festivals.

The dances may either be simple, characterized by clapping of hands and rhythmic movement of feet or complex, with gestures and expressions also given prominence. Local drums like kavu, para and udukku accompany the dances