Sri. Padmanabha swamy temple "arattu"[Vetta and Arattu Festival in Trivandrum]

The Vetta and Arattu Festival in Trivandrum is observed twice a year from March to April and October to November. Representing Lord Vishnu, it is believed that Vetta killed the demon of evil while hunting in the forest. And thus this Vetta and Arattu Festival in Trivandrum are celebrated. It is believed that the climax of the killing takes place in front of the Sundravilasom Palace at Trivandrum fort.

On the second day of the Vetta and Arattu Festival in Trivandrum the processions of Arattu begins. Accompanied by members of the Royal Family the images of Lord Krishna, Lord Padmanabha, and Lord Narasimha are carried in the procession to the Sangumugham beach in Trivandrum near the Arabian Sea.

During the dusk these images are bathed in the sea, fllowed by traditional rituals. The images are then brought back to the Padmanabhaswamy temple in the same manner with huge processions. The concluding part of the event takes place in the Padmanabhaswamy temple once the images are back. Elaborate worshipping takes place throughout the night.

Night long cultural programs take place on the concluding day of the festival. The Kathakali dance is performed by some of the eminent artists of Kerala, which is one of the most amazing Indian dance forms.

The five kilometer route that on which the procession follows toward the Arabian Sea, is escorted by armed police contingents. All the rituals from taking the idols for bathing to bringing them back to the temple and various worshipping that takes place during the Vetta and Arattu Festival in Trivandrum are believed to the most sacred rituals that have been practiced since ages.

Kerala is a land of festivals. The endless Festivals and Events in Trivandrum , the capital city of Kerala will offer you experience the colors of India in its own unique manner.