Oracles at Vaniyillam Someswary Temple

About 'Oracles at Vaniyillam Someswary Temple' Watch Video

Vaniyillam Someswari temple is located at Karivelloor in Kannur district, Kerala. the temple is a notable one among the places of worship where there are regular Theyyam performances.

This temple, managed by the Thiyya community, has a surrounding wall, traditionally called Chuttumathil. The idol of the presiding deity, Goddess Someswari, is made of Panchaloha (five metals) and is erected on a wooden seat.

The annual festival here is celebrated in the month of March-April. Different Theyyams like Raktha Chamundi, Angakkulangara Bhagavathy, Kattumoorthy, Veeran Daivam and Karichamundi are being performed here.

In the video, the well-lit temple surroundings wear quite a festive look. The oracles go for a trance, while the rhythmic beats of Chenda, the native drum, set the mood