Oracles at Adikkumpara Temple

About 'Oracles at Adikkumpara Temple' Watch Video

Kannur is home to many small village shrines, which have a prominent role in the cultural life of the area. Most of these temples are home to a variety of Theyyam performances and are largely responsible for keeping alive the Theyyam tradition of the Malabar region alive.

One such temple is Adikkumpara Puthiya Bhagavathy temple near Thaliparamba in Kannur. It is dedicated to Sree Puthiya Bhagavathy Karichamundi. The famous Rajarajeswara temple is near the Adikkumpara temple.

The temple celebrates its annual Kaliyattam festival once in two years. Kaliyattam is the ritualistic performance of Theyyam and Thira. The festival features many spectacular Theyyam performances like Puthiya Bhagavathy, Karichamundi, Theechamundi, Veeran, Veerali and Gulikan. The video shows an oracle, locally known as Velichappadu, performing a ritual as part of the annual festivities of the temple