Waynad district had different types of hill tribes of which the Kurumbar and the
Kattunayakar are the most prominent. They perform a special type of dance which is staged in
connection with marriages. Before marriage, the members of the families of both the bride and
bridegroom and after marriage the newly-wedded couple perform this dance. After the return of
the bridegroom with his bride to his family, all the members of his household and the newly
wedded again repeat the dance.

 Rainlore of Mudugar and Kurumbar:-

The ceremonial Meduva Kali:-
Folk art is deep rooted in the hilly regions of Kerala. Many tribal art forms like the Kambara dance, Kurumbar Nritham, Kolkali and the Meduva kali are quite famous. These are unique examples of art forms that belong to communities, which have an isolated existence and each of them presents its own distinct dance tradition that invariably speaks about the lives of the people in the hilly tracts.

Meduva kali is an art form special to the tribes of Wayanad or Wynad, or Vayanad district in Kerala, performed during wedding ceremonies. The dancers form small circles, moving in rhythm and dancing to the tune of local percussions