Kollemcode temple Thookam //There is a hook made of steel ,the dancer is thus suspend in the air almost horizontally through the back skin

This is a votive offering performed in Bhagavathy temples. The costume of the dancer is
as in Velichappadu Thullal, red scarf on the head and a red flowery cloth at the waist. Anklets are
tied to the legs. The performer goes round the deity dancing to the rhymes set by chendamaddalam, thimila and elathalam. After worshipping the deity he gets over a one wheeled platform
over which is the pillar-like utholakam. There is a hook at one end of the utholakam to which is
attached the backside skin of the dancer. This end is then raised up. Hooked to the utholakam,
the dancer is thus suspend in the air almost horizontally in which posture he executes certain
physical feats and dance movements and the whole platform is taken round the temple deity
Sometimes the make-up of the dancer will be in the shape of garuda, the mythological
bird, hence the dance is called garudan thookkam.
In another local variation a number of dancers in the costume and make-up of garuda
with beak, wings and pleated skirts assemble before the temple deity and dance to the
accompaniment of thimila, chenda, maddalam, elathalam etc. The dance is thus known as
garudanparava.(thanks to dhanesh for the vidio)