Fire Rituals at Wayanattu Kulavan Temple kerala

About 'Fire Rituals at Wayanattu Kulavan Temple' Watch Video

The temples of the Malabar region of Kerala are remarkable for their rituals and ceremonies with a strong folk element within them. The small shrine of Wayanattu Kulavan near Kuruva in Kannur is one such temple which witnesses a variety of such temple practices.

Wayanattu Kulavan is a deity, who, according to myths, is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathy. Puliyoor Kannan, Gulikan and Ilayidathu Bhagavathy are some other folk deities worshipped here.

The annual Vellattam festival of the temple is a grand event, with a series of spectacular Theyyam performances. Vayanattu Kulavan, Gulikan, and Puliyoor Kannan are some of the Theyyam figures presented here. In the video, an awe inspiring ritual as part of the festival is seen, where the oracle jumps into a pyre in a trance of devotion