story of Aranmula vallam kali(later boat race)


The boat procession in which a sumptous Onam sadhya is taken to aranmula SreekrishnaTemple from Kattoor Madom is known as Aranmula ThiruvOnaThoni.

The legend says this...
It was a custom for the Bhattathiripaad of Kattoor Mangaad Illam to offer lunch to Brahmins onthe day of Thiru Onam. This had been going on for years. One particular year, no brahmins turnedup for the Onam Sadya. But later in the day a Brahmin boy came to the Illam and Bhattathirippadwelcomed him for lunch. After the lunch as the boy was leaving, he told the Bhattathirippad "I will not come again here for lunch".

That night, Bhattathirippad had a dream and understood that the boy was none other than Srikrishnan. This made him decide to take Onam Sadya to Aranmula Sreekrishna Temple from that year onwards.

Even now, on Uthradam day night - the day before Thirvonam, a thoni (boat) leaves Kattoor madam accompanied by several other thonis. On its way, the ThirvonaThoni would first get to shore at Ayiroor madom and later at Melookara ashramam. The procession would reach Aranmula Sreekrishna Temple by early morning of Thiruvonam.
The journey of the locals who used to accompany the ThiruvonaThoni in their respective vallams... has evolved into the Aranmula Uthrattathi Vallam Kali