shoulder wrestling festival at temple of malvilakkavu

Mavilayi is an ancient village,

where this particular temple and this festival is said to have been happening since time immemorial

. the people here believes it can be traced back to over many centuries.
this temple does not have a story of degrading and a recent come back like most of the modern day temple has.
. during the festival people from all folks of society irrespective of religion or cast will make their participation. this festival is celebrated
in remembereance of the fight done between the daivathar brothers
who is an avathara of lord Shiva. this festival spans over 7days from visu to arattu day. the real

shoulder wrestling done

on thd day 2 and day 4 is the main center of attraction. on day one the younger brother side will win at kacheri kave near kadachira, however in day 4 the elder brother side will take the revenge at nalanchira pady field near moonamopalam. this continues every year.