Kodungallur Bhagavathy THE DEITY

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple

Kodungallur Bagavathy temple -

believed to have been constructed during the reign of Chera King, Cheran Senkuttuvan, is famous for its Bharani and Thalappoli festival.

The temple requires the pilgrim to carry pepper and turmeric powder as one of the offerings to the deity.
The Bharani festival at the Kodungallur Bhagawati temple is one of the grandest in Kerala.

It is a month of festivities from the Bharani asterism in the month of Aquarius to 7 days after the Bharani asterism in the month of Pisces

. Traditionally the temple (especially during the Bharani festival) has been associated with a lot of animal sacrifices. These customs have been done away with in the 20th century. The blood of the sacrificed used to be spilled over two stones in the prakaram,