Have you ever used obscene words when you pray? Well it was the custom here.Now public singing of sexually offensive songs banned by the government

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The popular belief is that in order to save the devotees from the epidemic of chicken pox; the Lokambika was installed in the Kodungallur temple by Bhargava Raman. This is one of those rare temples where the Brahmins are not performing the pooja.
The festival is noted for the largest congregation of Velichappadus (‘revealers of light’) or
Oracles (running around temple in a trance as seen in photo)
who reach here from different parts of the state to take part in the festival.
One day before the final Bharani, the Chandanapodi Chartal or the smearing of the idol with sandal paste
is carried out.
The Bharani celebration with the poorappattu (sexually obnoxious songs)had been undisturbed until a decade ago.Now public singing of sexually offensive songs are banned by the government but still being practiced rarely as the locals can’t let go of their age old tradition.