Shortly after Mr. Barton assumed charge as Engineer, he submitted a proposal to introduce iron screw pile Communications and girder bridges. Several good and useful roads were opened in all directions consigning the old palankeens to desuetude and bringing spring carriages into use instead. In 1052 M.E. Mr. Barton proposed levy of tolls on the roads in order to provide funds for their maintenance. The growth of trade on the new roads, particularly the Pirmede Ghat road, was very satisfactory. The Madura district which was till then accessible only through south Travancore and Tinnevelly was brought into direct communication with north Travancore. The construction of the main road from Trivandrum to the northern frontier, a distance of 156 miles

Barton hill in trivandrum city (LAW COLLEGE NOW);near PMG junction; may be named after this Barton ;because till 1950 most hills in trivandrum was occupied by either europeans ,or anglo indians including palayam hill(old name cantonement as the british controlled indian nair soldiers were stationed there)barton hill,cotton hill,

nobody was interested in sea view or sea breeze those days ,more because of threats from sea pirates ;and except for fisher men the trivandrum beach area was empty space even in 1950