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MRF became only the third company in the country's stock market history to break past the ...
MRF's Midas touch: One share equals 16 gm gold
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Tyres with muscle: MRF zips past Rs 50,000, emerg

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Madras Rubber Factory Limited, commonly known by the abbreviation MRF, is an Indian multinational Madras Rubber Factory Limited, commonly known by the abbreviation MRF, is an Indian multinational and the largest manufacturer of tyres in India It is headquartered in Chennai, India.The company manufactures rubber products including tyres, treads, tubes and conveyor belts, paints and toys. MRF also runs the MRF Pace Foundation, Chennai and MRF Challenge in motorsport.


Madras Rubber Factory was started by K. M. Mammen Mappillai(November 28, 1922 – March 3, 2003) K. M. Mammen Mappillai Founder of MRF Limitedas a toy balloon manufacturing unit in 1946 at Tiruvottiyur, Madras (now Chennai).

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 In 1952, the company ventured into the manufacture of tread rubber. Madras Rubber Factory limited was incorporated as a private company in November 1960 and ventured into manufacture of tyres in partnership with Mansfield Tire & Rubber company based in Ohio, United States. The company went public on 1 April 1961 and an office was established in Beirut, Lebanon to develop the export market in 1964 and its current logo of the muscleman was born In 1967, it became the first Indian company to export tyres to USA.
In 1973, MRF started manufacturing Nylon tyres for the first time. The Company entered into with a technical know-how collaboration with B.F. Goodrich in 1978. The Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co sold out is share in 1979 and the name of the company was changed to MRF Ltd in the year.

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Find out how MRF Tyres evolved from a simple toy balloon factory to the Billion Dollar ... K. M. Mammen Mappillai started MRF's journey as a toy balloon ..
The company finalized a technical collaboration agreement with Marangoni TRS SPA, Italy for the manufacture of pre-cured tread rubber for retreading industry. MRF tyres supplied tyres to Maruti 800, India's first modern small car. In 1989, the company collaborated with Hasbro International United States, the world's largest toy maker and launched Funskool India. Also, they entered into a pact with Vapocure of Australia to manufacture polyurethane paint formulations and with Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli for conveyor and elevator belt manufacture During the year 2004-05, the product range of the company expanded with Go-kart & rally tyres and tyres for two/three wheelers.

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K. M. Mammen Mappillai (November 28, 1922 – March 3, 2003) was born in a Syrian Christian family in Kerala to K. C. Mammen Mappillai and Kunjandamma as the youngest of the prosperous family of eight sons and a ... Since then, the company has grown to become a INR 30 billion enterprise. In 1992, K.M. Mammen ...=================================================

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K. M. Mathew (Malayalam: കെ.എം.മാത്യു) (2 January 1917 – 1 August 2010) was a former ... He was born as the 8th among the nine children of K. C. Mammen Mappillai and ... K.M.Mathew has served in the following capabilities: ... His autobiography titled "Ettamathe Mothiram" (The Eighth Ring) was published in 2008.

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K. C. Mammen Mappillai became editor of the Malayalam language daily called Malayala Manorama after Kandathil Varghese Mappillai died. Besides being a

K C Mammen (Kunju) Mappillai-
Birthdate-1873 -Died 1953

He had eight sons and one daughter, who included: Kandathil Mammen Cherian, K. M. Mathew and K. M. Mammen Mappillai

Kandathil Varghese Mappillai was a multifaceted personality who turned everything gold by his mere touch. He is the founder of Bhashaposhini Sabha, ‘ Bhashaposhini’ magazine and Malayala Manorama. Wikipedia
Born: 1857
Died: July 6, 1904

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Varghese Mappillai passed away in July 1904, And the mantle of publishing the newspaper fell on the shoulders of Mammen MappillaiImage result for Mammen Mappillai 1940 who was just 31 years old.

He resigned his Headmastership in 1908 and took over the publishing of Manorama as full time job. He became its longest Editor. During his time Manorama became a bi-weekly in 1918 and Daily in 1928.

Image result for malayala manorama 1940malayalamanorama_jpg. The Malayala Manorama .

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Jan 30, 2016 - After the death of his mother, his father KC Mammen Mappillai had his ... Being the eighth child, Mathew received the eighth ring and hence the ...
Along with publishing he went into a number of business projects some of which never saw the light of Day. Shipping, Road Transport, Retail Shop, Book Publications etc. were some of them.

However, he gave Kerala's economy a new bounce. He used Malayala Manorama to popularise cultivation, particularly rubber, the MONEY TREE from Brazil. Rubber eventually became backbone of Kerala midlands and continues to be so  .Related image

He was a member of the Modern Legislative Assembly of the Erstwhile State of Travancore.Image result for Legislative Assembly of the Erstwhile State of Travancore.Welcome to Kerala window
First Legislative Council/Assembly in Kerala (in erstwhile Travancore) completes 100 year (Photo: VJT Hall at Thiruvananthapuram where the old legislative assembly

He played a key role in the struggle for Civil Rights and responsible Government.

Freedom movement in Kerala - A ray of liberation

For the present generation, freedom struggle is but a glorious chapter in the ... In the three zones of Kerala, namely, Malabar, Cochin and Travancore, there were ...

Some prominent leaders of the freedom struggle in Kerala

K. Madhavan Nair was the most prominent of such early freedom fighters of Kerala. ... time in M.G.M. High School, Thiruvalla in the erstwhile Travancore State
The various activities of K C Mammen Mappillai were not appreciated by the then Dewan of Travancore Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer, particularly his political activities, which had the support of his newspaper.

The Dewan of TravancoreImage result for The Dewan of Travancorec.p. Ramaswamy Iyer- went all out to break the political activities of K C Mammen Mappillai. He made the Travancore Government seal the newspaper office. Owing to the adverse propaganda by Government the bank closed in 1938.

K C Mammen Mappillai was arrested and put in jail for 2 years.

Nebu's Reflections: Sir. C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer - Dewan of Travancore ...

Oct 9, 2009 - Southern Kerala has not seen development since Travancore days, says former ... C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer, the erstwhile Dewan of Travancore. ..... Also there was a counter writing by one of the congress politician or by Mammen Mappila himself. ... This invited protest even from his own father who submitted ...
But 'Malayala Manorama' the leading right wing daily in Kerala too have an animosity towards him. They state that he deliberately sealed the newspaper office and liquidated the National and Quilon Bank in which the present Chief Editor K.M. Mathew’s father Mammen Mappilai was a director. Not only that, he even incarcerated Mammen Mappilai.

In 1947 after India became independent he came back to Kerala and restarted Malayala Manorama on 29th November 1947. He ran it with his eldest son K M Cherian Related imagetill his death at midnight on December 3, 1953.
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Banking was one of the more preferred lines of business in Kerala - as well as in the princely ... 1937 (Amalgamated to form Travancore National & Quilon Bank Ltd); South Indian Bank - 1929-; State Bank of Travancore (originally known as ...

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Travancore National and Quilon Bank

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The Hindu : The Casabianca of Travancore

Mar 26, 2002 - Menon's account — was stepping out with his ruthless use of power to bring about the run on the Travancore National and Quilon Bank in 1938 ...

C.P. Matthen papers gifted to Kerala Council for Historical Research ...

Oct 7, 2009 - C.P. Matthen was the founder-director of the Quilon Bank, which merged with the Travancore National Bank in 1937 to form the Travancore ...


TRAVANCORE NATIONAL AND QUILON BANK, IN RE , decided on Monday, December 5, 1938. [ In the High Court of Madras, Application No. 1610 of 1938 ...

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The strange case of Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer - The Hindu

K.C. Mammen mapilla Image result for Mammen mappila was very kind to everybody, especially to the children as i can remember .A personification all good qualities of  a  gentle man .Even after his imprisonment by a vindictive Dewan(prime minister) of Travancore , he was always pleasant and smiling.
 still remember his 1947 black ford      Related image and  kind smiling face.Related image